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The most useful vegetables for those on diets

Самые полезные овощи для тех, кто на диетахHow to lose weight quickly? In summer this task easier and help in the vegetables, which should be in your daily diet.

Fresh vegetables should be the basis of your menu, if you want to lose weight and obtain a beautiful figure. For you 5 of the best summer vegetables.

Zucchini is a great vegetable for those who want to lose weight quickly. Because in 100 grams of this summer product contains only 16 calories. And yet in its structure it is possible to detect the b vitamins, which help to transform carbohydrates into energy, and improve digestion! Use zucchini in my diet for weight loss well because it can be prepared in various ways: stew, boil, cook on the grill, and even eat in their natural form.

Bell pepper

Assistant for those who want to lose weight quickly – sweet pepper, 100 grams of this summer vegetable and only 28 calories! Bell pepper is a rich source of calcium and potassium, plus it contains large number of vitamins, it has three times more vitamin C than oranges. Also for this summer vegetable is characterized by a high content of vitamin A, which is a powerful antioxidant. It is possible to detect the b vitamins, “the beauty vitamin” E and folic acid. Bell pepper has many variations for cooking – fry, simmer, eat in its natural form, its use will not change.

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Green beans

Green and yellow, and varieties of vegetables have a low glycemic index, thanks to this after eating asparagus lasts longer feeling of satiety. Green beans is a source of fiber and folic acid. In addition, the vegetable contains vitamins A, C, and E. the Last of the asparagus manifests itself usually in the form of beta-carotene – provitamin A. in order to quickly lose weight and obtain a beautiful figure – enter in your diet green beans, its protein has a composition close to the composition of the protein contained in meat.

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Buying summer beets, should be used not only roots, but and the young leaves are an excellent source of vitamin C, E and antioxidants. To lose weight fast with the help of this useful vegetable, you need to actively implement it in the menu. Ways of cooking are many: salads, side dishes, stews, and more – beets, roasted on the grill – very tasty. Try it, you will not regret!


Arugula is a valuable source of fiber, antioxidants and folic acid, and vitamins A, C and K. it has enough chlorophyll, which provides a cleansing and detoxifying effect which is very important for the process of weight loss. Meals with this easy vegetable can be prepared simply, and it will be healthy food, the perfect solution for lunch or snack throughout the day.

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