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The most useful vegetable for the efficient operation of the brain

Назван самый полезный овощ для эффективной работы мозгаCarrots are a storehouse of vitamins and other nutrients.

A substance of vegetable origin, discovered by scientists in carrots and olive oil, helps to reduce inflammation in the brain associated with age-related changes and to prevent memory deficits are the results of a new study, which was conducted on mice.

Substance called luteolin (luteolin), as was previously found in pepper, celery, pepper mint, rosemary and chamomile. In new information, the researchers of the University of Illinois confidently report that a healthy and balanced diet that includes all of these products potentially reduces the risk of inflammation in the brain associated with age-related factors and improves brain function.

As a rule, in the experiments, older mice had higher levels of inflammation in their brain and they coped worse with tests aimed at identifying memory than young adult mice. Researchers during a series of experiments found that the older mice in the diet which added luteolin, still showed better results in education and jobs on a memory test than the same old mouse with a normal diet, and the degree of inflammation in their brains was similar to that in young mice.

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During the experiment, adult young mice (aged 3 to 6 months) and old mice (age 2 years) were fed a normal diet or food with the addition of luteolin for a full four weeks. The researchers then tested their memory and measured levels of inflammation in the brain, called the hippocampus, which controls memory and spatial awareness.

During the normal natural aging, immune cells in the brain begin to produce more inflammatory molecules that cause memory problems. According to scientists luteolin contributes to the inhibition of production of these inflammatory molecules in the brain.

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The results of the tests conducted in the laboratory, also showed that plant extract luteolin helps immune cells to reflect the different toxins that can destroy neurons in the brain. “When we added luteolin in the diet of older mice, contributed to the decrease of inflammatory processes in the brain and, at the same time, restored the memory that reached the level of young mice,” said Rodney Johnson (Rodney Johnson), Professor of the University of Illinois and leader of the study.

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