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The most useful vegetable for intestinal health

Назван самый полезный овощ для здоровья кишечника3 important properties of carrots for health.

Everyone knows that carrots are good for vision. And it helps to struggle successfully with excess weight and prevent various diseases!

Component, for which we especially appreciate the carrot – vitamin A, which in the presence of fat in the body turns into vitamin A. Its most important “job” – protecting cell membranes, slowing aging and preventing cancer. In boiled whole carrots contain falcarinol – substances that have antitumor activity. And 25% more than in carrots, cooked sliced! And if you cover the pan when cooking is fully closed, the vegetables are flown vitamins: A, b, C, D, E, K, PP.

Use carrots for immunity
If you don’t like cooked carrots, you can hardly refuse from a glass of fresh juice. You can add sugar to taste or vanilla, and for the complete absorption of useful carotene cream. Drinking the juice is better immediately after cooking, as the carotene loses its activity in contact with air. Carrot juice is good for the eyes all year round. And if in the summer he also helps to tan in the fall and in the winter it supports the immune system and helps fight colds. If a sore throat is enough to rinse it warmed carrot juice, to feel the relief. With a strong cough add a few teaspoons of honey in a glass of warm juice and drink before bed. If, instead of honey add milk, then this tool will make it easier as bronchial asthma. And carrot juice is good for the prevention of beriberi, useful in liver problems and stones in the kidneys and gall bladder.

Use carrots for digestion
Raw carrot is very useful in digestive problems. Salad of grated carrots with vegetable oil (with the addition of sesame seeds) better than any laxative will help to solve the problem of “lazy bowel”. Sulfur compounds that are present in this vegetable, which stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body, so it is suggest to include in the diet with dysbiosis.

Use carrots for weight loss
Carrot diet effectively helps to reduce weight, as it is well activates the metabolism in the body. Contained in carrot fiber helps get rid of excess cholesterol. It contains a minimum of fats are actually requires more energy to digest it than it gives calories to the body. Should not meant by the diet go one solid carrot. Just plug in your menu salads with carrot, Apple and celery, use it as a satisfier of the hunger of a snack instead of biscuits and sandwiches. Replacing a useful vegetable to the usual high-calorie meals, you can gradually get rid of extra pounds.

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