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The most useful herbs for women’s health and beauty

Самые полезные травы для женской красоты и здоровьяDon’t underestimate the power of nature.

Medicinal plants help us to improve health, preserve youth and beauty. The main thing – to use them correctly. Herbs you can buy in the drugstore, and sometimes women’s healing herbs grow right under our feet.

Arnica heals wounds, cleanses the skin

Arnica has long been known as an excellent remedy for quick healing of wounds. However, to find and to prepare this herb by yourself is difficult – Arnica is rarely even listed in the Red book. But the tincture, oil and salve made from it can be purchased at any homeopathic pharmacy. Ointment relieves pain of injuries and accelerates the absorption of bruises. The oil helps to get rid of dandruff. And the tincture can be prepared a great tool for oily, prone to rashes skin.

Recipe: 1 tsp. pharmacy tincture dissolve in 200 ml of water. Solution wipe skin morning and evening.

Fern reduces weight

Did you know that the young shoots of the bracken (rahisi) edible? Moreover, they help to normalize the metabolism and reduce weight. Raw rahisi is impossible. First they need to pickle or boiled (the broth or brine leak).

Recipe: Boil the young shoots for 10 minutes in salt water, cast away on a colander and let drain. Then fry or put out. The taste rahisi look like mushrooms.

Valerian calms

All know: the women’s herb Valerian calms the nerves and helps to sleep. However, to the best effect, it needs to accumulate in the body. Therefore, it should take at least 2 weeks. Buy in a drugstore ready-made tincture or make a decoction by itself.

Recipe: 2 tsp. crushed roots pour a glass of boiling water, provari minute and let to infuse for half an hour. The broth has a dual effect – a sedative and hypnotic.

Lavender relieves pain, rejuvenates

If you suffer from a headache, do not rush to take painkillers. To start massage whiskey lavender essential oil. You will feel relief. And lavender oil useful as an anti-aging and cleanser for the skin.

Recipe: to cleanse pores, dissolve in warm water 1 tbsp black clay to a thick cream, add 5 drops of lavender oil and hold the mask on your face for 15 minutes To rejuvenate the skin take olive or peach oil, add 3 drops of lavender oil and keep the mixture on your face for 15-20 min.

Nettle – a valuable women’s herb.

It contains vitamins that improve the condition of skin and hair. In addition, a decoction of the leaves of this herb helps women with heavy and painful menstruation. Just don’t drink it all the time, do the breaks. Before taking consult your doctor.

Recipe: 1 tablespoon of leaves pour 200 ml of boiling water and boil 10 minutes, cool and strain. Take 3 times a day for 1/4 Cup. To make your hair strong and shiny after every wash rubbed into the roots a decoction of dried nettle leaves. 1 tbsp. l. raw pour a glass of boiling water and boil 20 min.

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