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The most useful dried fruit for weight loss

Назван самый полезный сухофрукт для похуденияDried apricots – a perfect assistant for losing weight.

Nutritionists say that among all the dried fruits the best for weight loss is dried apricots.

If you want to quickly and painlessly get rid of one or two extra pounds and strive to heal the body – from time to time make fasting days on dried apricots.

To do this, prepare the apricots: thoroughly rinse 2 cups of dried fruit, pour them with water and leave overnight. In the morning of the fasting day drink all the water, which was dried apricots last night. Then divide all the apricots into 6 portions and eat throughout the day. In parallel with this, drink a lot of water – the total amount of liquid produced by the body during the day, should be no less than 2.5 liters. In this capacity, can be used as ordinary water and different herbal teas and decoctions.

A more effective way to lose weight is the 5-day mono-diet on the dried apricots. In this case, it is possible to lose up to 5 kilos of excess weight. After this diet you need to eat large amounts of protein foods – meat, fish, eggs and cheese. A longer stay on such a diet is undesirable because it may result in malfunction of the organism.

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