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The most unusual types of bladed weapons. Photo

Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото	Why not just let people come up with.

Such type of cold weapons, like brass knuckles, known to all. But mankind was invented and other non-firearm weapon in duels is very effective and can inflict serious damage. We have collected the top ten most effective bladed weapons, which is better to deal only in Museum collections.

Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото


Pat — a weapon invented in India. Initially it was used by the ancient caste of warriors, Marathas, and later the arms were covered most of India. In fact, it was a sword, a plate attached to the glove, but, unlike normal gloves, this weapon protected the hand to the elbow. Since the entire structure from the tip of the sword to the elbow was solid, the soldiers-Marathi was not able to move my wrist, so all movement had to come from the elbow. It is believed that such a weapon often used by horsemen.

Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото


Boxing in Rome was often fatal, as Roman boxers wore on his hands tsestus. It was a kind of gloves which often made of leather strips covered with metal. Although the gladiators often fought to the death, the soldiers would surrender and even agree to a brief truce to rest. Roman Boxing was a very brutal sport, even the winner is often left disfigured.

Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото


A simple but effective weapon that was used by the samurai, Santana was a pocket iron rod, which was usually equipped with a ring attached to the center. The ring is passed through the finger and the rod was compressed in the palm of your hand. Perhaps because of its simplicity Santana was easily adaptable to a specific user. The ring could be equipped with studs to add extra lethality to strike. Some Santana was equipped with long spikes instead of rings for this purpose. These sentence used more for murder than self-defense.

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Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото

Turkana finger knife

The nomadic Turkana tribe, and a number of neighbouring communities have used this subject and in everyday life, and as a weapon. Knives for fingers, which were known as corogat, was made of iron and aluminum. They were worn on the finger ring serving plate in length, 7-8 cm In the home of the finger knives used for cutting food as toothpicks. During the battle, they were very effective weapons, which usually tried to get in the eyes.

Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото

SAP gloves

SAP gloves, weighted with a metal fraction, are non-lethal weapons, and today are often used by security personnel. Bodyguards, bouncers and police use them in case of a sudden fight. Unlike weapons such as brass knuckles, SAP gloves cause fewer injuries.

Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото

The Bagh Nakh tiger claw

Bagh Nakh was symbolic, but not a lethal weapon. It was common in the region of Mysore in India in 1700-ies, where he worshiped the goddess in the form of a tiger. Bagh Nakh, which literally translates as “tiger claws”, consisted of four or five curved, pointed blades attached to a transverse crossbar. Such weapons tore the skin and muscles like the paw of a tiger.

Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото

Knuckles “deer antler”

Brass knuckles knives in the form of two crossed crescents “antlers” were a formidable pair Chinese weapon used by the founder of the school of kung fu Bagua with Dong Hai Chuan. Went tradition, Chuan, the tax collector relied only on their knives while traveling alone dealing with gangs of robbers. The technique of using this knuckle knife was based on a system of unarmed combat Bagua, and students were allowed to use exotic weapons only after many years of training with bare hands because of the high probability of injury.

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Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото


Tekko — Okinawan weapons, in some provinces, known as the “iron fist”. It is traditionally made of wood and metal, and the blade was Crescent-shaped. On the rim tekko had three small barbel, which was trying to hit the joints, ribs and clavicles. If the opponent tried to grab the forearm of the owner of the knuckles, then the normal rotation of the wrist was enough to cut his hands.

Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото


Everyone who was interested in weapons of European knights, certainly paid attention to their armored gloves. While the main purpose of gloves was to protect the hands, gloves, the creators couldn’t pass up the chance to use them as knuckledusters. At the end of the 14th century, armourers started to fasten metal studs and spikes called gadling, knuckle knight gauntlets. It in fact was a weapon of last hope, if suddenly the knight knocked the sword.

Самые необычные виды холодного оружия. Фото

The knife-knuckles

The knife-knuckles is a kind of knife, which is worn discreetly in the sleeve, on the belt or in the discharge. This is a stylized modern form of the ancient Qatar, the blade which is perpendicular to the handle, while it is passed between the fingers. These knives became popular during the gold rush in the 19th century and has gained immense popularity among the underworld.

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