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The most unusual sommelier: top-9. Photo

Наиболее необычные сомелье: топ-9. ФотоSommelier — the fashion profession today.

When it comes to the sommelier profession, the vast majority is of a man who has a refined sense of smell and is well versed in the wines.

But in fact, this profession is much broader, and there are people who taste very different, sometimes completely unexpected things.

1. Water sommelier

Наиболее необычные сомелье: топ-9. Фото

Martin Riese is a sommelier, but he knows little about wines. This is because he is a professional water sommelier, the only one in the United States.
A native of Germany with early childhood, was fascinated by the different tastes of water. His parents, who worked in the hotel industry, were taken while on vacation son throughout Europe, and the first thing he always did was try the tap water. He later learned that by nature he has an exceptional talent that allowed the boy to detect subtle differences in flavour of different mineral waters. Luckily for Reese, there was work that requires such a unique talent — a water sommelier.

It works on such unusual positions in the Patina Group in Los Angeles. Martin’s talents were recognized by the German trade Association for mineral waters, which also gave him a certificate. In the USA Rize work visa O-1 – a special permission that is only available to “individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement”.

2. Milk sommelier

Наиболее необычные сомелье: топ-9. Фото

Bas de Groot – the man who can compete with Martin Rize in terms of the easiest and most unique in the world of work. De Groot is the only milk sommelier on the planet.
He’s always been a big fan of milk, daily drinking 3 to 4 liters. Now the man travels the world, trying raw milk in different regions and telling people about its unique properties and advantages.

3. A taster of poisons

Наиболее необычные сомелье: топ-9. Фото

Brian fry – a zoologist from the University of Queensland, who literally possessed the most poisonous animals in the world. He’s not afraid to risk his life to study the evolution of the chemical weapons of these animals. In the end, a couple of bites mean nothing to the person who’s talking about poison and stings as easily as enafil describes the wine.
Fry bit 26 species of poisonous snakes and stung borodavchatke, scolopendras, Scorpions and box jellyfish. Although the former swimmer is still in good physical shape, his body in fact can be used as a catalogue of injuries. Brian doesn’t feel the index finger on his right hand after the bite of a Komodo dragon, while three of his vertebrae were reinforced with metal after falling from the mound.

4. Mustard sommelier

Наиболее необычные сомелье: топ-9. Фото

Sommeliers are respected all over the world. Their tastes you trust in selecting any of the drinks.
But what about the vast world of spices. Perfect Hatter sommelier who works at the iconic French brand of Dijon mustard Maille in the first American boutique in new York. In this store is on tap (Yes, on tap) offers five types of gorcic, and more than 30 kinds are available in a more familiar form factor.

5. A taster of tequila

Наиболее необычные сомелье: топ-9. Фото

Such a different tequila.
Kathy Shorr – new goddess of tequila at La Hacienda restaurant at the Fairmont Scottsdale. While still a student at Arizona student University of Snurr focused on the study of tequila. Now 27-year-old girl spends exclusive certification of tequila in Mexico, including the phased visits of farms and blind tests.
As a tequila sommelier and La Hacienda administrator, she manages all the sentences of spirits and holds special events such as tastings, Mixology classes and lessons “Tequila 101”.

6. Beer sommelier

Наиболее необычные сомелье: топ-9. Фото

Since 2000, a special program for the transfer of knowledge level wine sommeliers to the world of malt and hops through training of certified experts in beer, known as a Cicerone.
The Chicago brewer ray Daniels started the certification program, Cicerone in 2008. And he jokes that made it a relatively simple reason: bad beer.
There are three levels of Cicerone certified beer razowski (the exam is given online), certified Cicerone (the individual test, which includes a tasting) and master Cicerone (individual exam lasting two days). In the tests focuses on five main components: storage and maintenance of beer, styles of beer, taste and tasting, brewing process and ingredients, as well as a selection of beer and food.

7. Taster sauces.

Наиболее необычные сомелье: топ-9. Фото

Noah Chaimberg quit my corporate job to display your love for hot sauces to a new level. He became a “sommelier sauces” and opened a store devoted to spices. Today it is a popular store Heatonist in Williamsburg sells small batches of sauces to independent producers and boasts the city’s only room for a tasting of hot sauces.

8. A taster of sake.

Наиболее необычные сомелье: топ-9. Фото

Many people do not like sake. But Motoko Wanatabe from the restaurant “Zenkichi” says it’s only because they drank the mass swill that is served hot to hide it. Watanabe, sake sommelier and co-owner of the modern Japanese network of beer restaurants “Zenkichi” in new York and Berlin, fell in love with sake soon after moving to the United States, despite the fact that I was born and raised in Tokyo.
Studying biology and working as an assistant research lab at new York University, she was fascinated by the different flavors and variations of sake bar in the East village. According to the sommelier, the definition of the tastes of sake no more difficult than determining the difference between India pale Ales and lagers, or between “Shiraz” and “Merlot”.

9. Expert on moths

Наиболее необычные сомелье: топ-9. Фото

It’s hard to believe but it’s true!
Model and DJ Jamie Raskon surpassed all sommeliers, “sitting” on a fantastic job that seems too good to be true — it deals with quality control of services in a brothel. Girls who are interested in working with VIP escorts in the cabin Fiorella, pass an interview, psychological testing and photo shoot. Then Jamie makes love with each of them (one per day), carefully evaluating their every move. In his office there is a pole-dancing pole and a suitcase full of condoms.

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