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The most unusual methods of treatment in modern medicine. Photo

Самые необычные методы лечения в современной медицине. ФотоMany believe in the benefits of these methods.

“Coffin with music”

This method is gaining popularity in the Chinese city of Shenyang (capital of Liaoning). To date, nearly a thousand people have already experienced the miraculous power… the “resurrection from the dead.” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Survivors of stress or being extremely depressed, to offer the “reborn” by simulating death under the supervision of psychologists. At the center for psychological assistance for this purpose, a designated room with an area of five square meters, which is prepared according to the rules the coffin.

Самые необычные методы лечения в современной медицине. Фото

Before you climb into the coffin, a man writes a suicide note. To create the appropriate atmosphere “deceased” even includes recording of Requiem mass. It laid in a coffin, covered with a white blanket, and close the lid. And five minutes later hear a baby crying, and then the consultant opens the coffin under some kind of life-affirming music. They say that helps.
“Beauty slap”

Самые необычные методы лечения в современной медицине. Фото

Doctor trained the tricks of the cosmetology in Taiwan, opened in San Francisco salon, where returning youth with… slapping. Thai traditional rejuvenating therapy involves spanking and massage and really helps to smooth out wrinkles, tighten pores and enhance skin elasticity without surgery. The first in the Western hemisphere specialist on rejuvenation slaps takes for each 15-minute session for $ 350 and is very popular.
“Rail” doctors

Самые необычные методы лечения в современной медицине. Фото

A very strange method of treatment is practiced in Indonesia every day people lie on train tracks, in the hope that the electrical vibrations from the approaching train would heal them from illnesses. This popular method was the result of a legend about desperate Chinese man who wanted to kill himself and settled on the rails, but then suddenly felt his body miraculously escaped from a terrible disease.

And now people with diabetes or high blood pressure regularly gather together to lie down on the rails. They are literally to the last jump before the “nose” of the train, and then fall back to let the vibration from the receding of the composition through his body.

People remain faithful to this strange form of self-medication, despite the obvious danger to life and the threat of arrest.
Dog psychotherapy

Самые необычные методы лечения в современной медицине. Фото

You have probably already heard about the methods of treatment that use dogs, but there was a special case — we are talking about dogs-therapists.

People who love to have a conversation with your Pets — is not uncommon. And for those who have no empathic cat or dog understands everything, now there is dog psychotherapy, where the caudate Dr. smart the eyes of devotees patiently listen to you one-on-one.

The idea of creating such a method appeared due to a survey which revealed that 85 percent of owners of cats and dogs talking with animals about problems in relationship, work or family.
“Tickle” therapy

Самые необычные методы лечения в современной медицине. Фото

Tickling people with sensitive skin is associated more with the torture than treatment, but experts from CosquilleArtespa (Spain) believe that tickling is possible to achieve amazing therapeutic results. However, this is not the usual tickling — her purpose is not to make people writhe and squirm.

During the session, two people gently touched the patient’s body with the fingertips, is often added to them with the gentle touch of feathers. The effect of this procedure is relaxing and soothing.

The Creator of the method Isabel, Ers believes that the way patients “return to childhood, reliving the earliest pleasant feeling”.


Самые необычные методы лечения в современной медицине. Фото

A very controversial therapy “rebirth” or “reserving” is used for the treatment of so-called “disorders of attachment in children” that occurs when “the lack of emotional contact of the children with their parents.” Most often these disorders occur in foster children. This controversial therapy called because of a number of related scandals; the flash of interest in rebirthing arise whenever anyone dies. Currently documented six such cases.

In 2000 year, for example, during reberthing from asphyxia died a decade Candace Newmaker. It was tight in swaddling clothes … several layers of fabric and made out to “reborn”. Except that the girl’s body was tightly constricted, she had to overcome the resistance of physicians and the adoptive mother, who pressed on top of her his weight. This weight is a total of over 300 pounds. Kandis failed to get out and suffocated under the cloth. The video, which was conducted during the session, heard the pleas: “I will die. Please, I can’t breathe.” “You want to die? is the answer of the therapist. So die then. Go ahead, die right now.”

When the girl finally unwrapped, she was unconscious. The hospital established the fact of death.

After this incident, reberthing in Colorado was prohibited, and the four members of the tragedy have gone to jail.

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