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The most unusual in the world of transport. Photo

Самый необычный в мире транспорт. ФотоSuch transport is not seen in any other place.

Everyone is used to the generic forms of transport, such as buses, taxis and trains. But sometimes public transport can take a completely unusual and strange forms that will seem “wild” to the visiting tourists.

1. Underground funicular in Turkey

Самый необычный в мире транспорт. Фото

The funicular is an inclined railway, on which the tram travels up and down the hills by cable car traction. Istanbul “Tunel” is a the world’s only underground funicular. The length of the line is just over a mile, and it rises to a height of 60 meters from the coast of the Golden horn, to the beginning of the famous pedestrian street Istiklal Caddesi. The funicular opened on 5 December 1874, i.e. it is the second-oldest subway in the world after the London underground. The funicular was so effective that the city government built another next to connect the ferry terminal on the Bay with the city subway system.

2. Cyclo in Vietnam

Самый необычный в мире транспорт. Фото

In Vietnam for tourists who want to explore the city (especially in Hanoi’s Old quarter and beautiful Hoan Kiem lake), very popular is a three-wheeled Bicycle taxi. The locals also use “Cyclo”, which is essentially a kind of rickshaw, to get faster to your destination, because on the streets there is chaos and a continuous tube.

3. Channel taxi in Bangkok

Самый необычный в мире транспорт. Фото

Bangkok is sometimes called the “Oriental Venice” due to an extensive network of canals in the city. River and canal taxis are still an important part of the urban transit system, and in many cases they are much faster than the traffic on the roads. Channel on which there are taxi-boats, runs straight through the centre of the city. Interestingly, because of the tides and some very low bridges on the canal, in some places the boat stops before the bridge, a canopy on her lower a little lower, and passengers down to the boat were able to sail under the bridge.

4. Chicken bus in Central America

Самый необычный в мире транспорт. Фото

These brightly colored buses have long been a favorite means of transportation among budget travelers to Latin America. For local residents in places like Guatemala or Panama, these buses are almost basic and most affordable means of transportation that they usually travel from one village to another. These buses got its nickname from chickens and chickens that the villagers every day and bringing to the market.

5. Camel bus in Cuba

Самый необычный в мире транспорт. Фото

As you know, on the roads of Cuba are often very unusual vehicles, in particular, you can see a lot of classic American cars remaining from the time of the Cuban revolution. However, the local classic mass transit is so-called “camel bus”. Just recently the iconic bus was finally decommissioned, but until then similar trucks with huge trailers back regularly drove rural residents. Now they were replaced by modern Chinese buses.

6. The Maglev train in Shanghai

Самый необычный в мире транспорт. Фото

This is not an ordinary train between the city and the airport. It not only passes the 30-kilometer route in just a few minutes, reaching speeds of up to 431 km/h but drives a powerful magnetic field. Maglev is short for “magnetic levitation”. Such trains are not unusual in Japan, but to get to the airport for a couple of minutes is priceless. Interestingly, the current speed is displayed on the monitor in each car.

7. The hovercraft in the UK

Самый необычный в мире транспорт. Фото

The heyday of the hovercraft, unfortunately, gone 30 years ago. But these ships, which literally hovered over the water, provided perfectly smooth movement over the water. But not all of these vessels were forgotten. In the UK, Hovertravel still offers the trip from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight on the hovercraft.

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