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The most unusual in the world of animal hybrids. Photo

Самые необычные в мире животные-гибриды. ФотоIncredibly rare creatures.

They were not invented by nature and man. Some look funny, some scary, but all as one — weird. In our collection — animal hybrids.

Professors Paul all continents are trying to recover dinosaur in the genome, cloned sheep and breed a variety of animals. Some experiments find a good. About the past we tell.

Lion + tiger = liger / tiglon

Самые необычные в мире животные-гибриды. Фото

In this pair requires lion and a tigress. The resulting hybrid is a liger — the biggest cat on earth. It grows more than 4 m in length and weighs over 400 kg and is twice the size of a normal lion. The champion of legrow, the male Hercules 20 times stronger than the average person eats more than 9 kg of meat a day, but according to his trainer, could be all of 45, having from 400 to 700 kg. However, in this case he could move normally. While liger does not suffer from obesity and are capable of speeds up to 80 km/h Ligers look like lions, only with stripes (and, unlike the king of beasts, love and know how to swim).

If, however, crossed the tiger and the lioness, you get Tigrai (tiglon, Tigon, Tigon, or tion) — animal, quite different from ligra primarily in smaller sizes. However, they can be similar like tigers and lions, only with a shorter mane.

However, neither in the wild will not meet: lions live mostly in Africa and tigers only in Asia. And successful mating between them is only 1-2% of cases, therefore, the number legrow today does not exceed two dozen.

Good for people: art for art’s sake.

Zebra + horse = zebroid

Самые необычные в мире животные-гибриды. Фото

And you can still here so: the male Zebra cross-breeds with a female pony, donkey… Zebroid — a hybrid, born from a male Zebra and female of any equine. The zebroid are different depending on who their mother: if the horse is likely to be similar to a horse if the donkey — the donkey. From the father they usually get mostly strips.

Good for people: zebroid bred not for fun, but as beasts of burden and mounts. They are strong and hardy, and in Africa are valued more for the fact that, unlike ordinary horses resistant to the tsetse fly (this ability he gets from his father), but more flexible compared to the zebras. Although they still remain more wild than domestic, as more aggressive than common horses and donkeys.

Buffalo + cow = beefalo

Самые необычные в мире животные-гибриды. Фото

Beefalo — a successful experiment. From Buffalo he took endurance, resistance to disease, the ability to forage independently, even in winter, and from the cow — docile nature and flavour of meat. In addition, a beefalo is much larger than ordinary cows, adult males weigh from 800 to 1150 kg.

Good for people: the farmers say that the meat of beefalo is more tender beef, but the main thing — it is much less cholesterol. However, the meat of beefalo is found only in specialized stores in the United States, where, as you know, and there are bison. Probably in connection with the reduction of natural habitat of the latter.

Dolphin + killer whale = costadelmar

Самые необычные в мире животные-гибриды. Фото

He’s wolfin or ketofen. This baby female Dolphin, bottlenose Dolphin and male small black orcas. Quite a strange creature resembles both parents at the same time. Even the number of teeth in here somewhere: bottlenose dolphins have 88, orcas — 44, and or ketopine — 66. Colors the hybrid still went to the mother, but the larger and first known citofen, a female named Kekaimalu was born 15 may 1985 and at birth weighed 20 kg and her length was 114 cm, But already at the age of ten she has reached 272 kg, while its length was equal to almost 3 m. it is believed that kositchotethana can occur in nature, but today they are known only two: Kekaimalu and her daughter named Pakikisama (died at the age of nine), contained in the Park in Hawaii.

Benefits to humans: not known.

Camel + Lama = verbului

Самые необычные в мире животные-гибриды. Фото

These two animals share the continents, not to mention the size (the Lama is six times smaller than the one-humped camel). However in 1998 scientists dared to cross them. Despite external differences, they belong to the same family of camelids (Lama no wonder called “Peruvian camel”). Experts wanted to raise an animal, which will have the same valuable fur, like the llama, and the same endurance, as the camel. They had artificial insemination. Mother was made by the Lama, the father — camel, and the light appeared verbului (the second name is Kama): hybrid with short ears, double hooves and a long tail and the same long and strong limbs. The animal is small: 50-70 kg, height up to 1.25 m to 1.40 m, but very hardy.

Good for people: Kama hardier camels, they are able to carry Luggage weighing 30 kg and the same as “ships of the desert” for a long time to go without water. The quality of wool is not inferior to the wool of the llama — its length is 6 cm unfortunately, verbally as mules, completely sterile and cannot produce offspring without human help.

Lion + leopard = leopard

Самые необычные в мире животные-гибриды. Фото

The Union of a lioness and the leopard gave a very strange creature like a lion, dressed in a leopard skin, only the mane is sticking out. However, spots of leopard not black but brown. Besides, he’s bigger than his father, but also loves to climb trees and swim. The first documentary evidence about Leopardi — Indian and dated by 1910. But the most successful experiments of its development took place in Japan in 1959-M. Sonoko Lioness gave birth to two cubs from the leopard Complex, and in 1962 — three more. Males were infertile, but one of the females able to produce offspring from a hybrid of a lion and a Jaguar, by the way, is called aglion, and it is no less amazing and incredibly rare animal which resembled a Jaguar, only the gray-black in color.

Benefits to humans: not known.

Donkey Poitou + patusky horse = mule Poitou

Самые необычные в мире животные-гибриды. Фото

An ordinary mule — the matter is clear: when a donkey crossed with a Mare. But here a special case. Primarily because Poitou donkey — the donkey is very difficult. Before you hoofed with dreadlocks, which grow in length up to a meter! Because of them, Poitou landed in the Guinness Book of records as the most hairy Asses — they resemble dogs breed commander, only very large (140-150 cm at the withers). Poitou features a very large and strong skeleton, and a truly gigantic ears — they are so large that lie on the neck of the donkey horizontally like the wings of a dragonfly. This breed is highly prized in France, where her ancestors were brought Roman legionaries. And in the Middle ages the presence of the farm Poitou, almost like the iPhone today, it was a matter of status. These donkeys were highly valued for the beauty and endurance. And yet they are very rare. In 2005, there were not more than 450 donkeys of Poitou.

But patusky horse isn’t a gimmick though, too, is hairy, only this time in the area of hooves. The mule, produced by crossing these two animals, probably similar to donkey Poitou (it is said that his long hair is inherited, even if the descendants have one-eighth the blood of the shaggy ancestor), but, like all mules, even more enduring.

Use for a person: used as a beast of burden.

Polar bear + grizzly = grolar

Самые необычные в мире животные-гибриды. Фото

He’s a grizzly or polar peaselee. Recall that a grizzly bear is subspecies of brown bear living in Canada and Alaska. In the end, grolar — the same cross between brown and polar bear, I’d like to imagine many kids. Although imagine, nothing else — the polar grizzly is found both in zoos and in the wild (although in a natural environment it is known only three such cases: the grizzly and the polar bear is genetically similar, but try to avoid each other). Polar bears are known to prefer ice and grizzly — still the continents and Islands. Some experts suggest that because of global warming and reduction of ice “Dating” white and brown will become more frequent and granary will cease to be such a rarity. Overall, the hybrid is similar to the polar bear, but with a darker color.

Good for people: whose-the embodiment of a childhood dream.

Cichlasoma severum + cichlasoma labiatum = fish red parrot

Самые необычные в мире животные-гибриды. Фото

How exactly did this strange fish, no one knows except its creators that hold the “recipe” of its receipt (and took the parrot back in 1964 in Taiwan) a secret. This allows breeders to retain a monopoly on this popular aquarium fish species.

Benefits to humans: red parrots are famous not only for its bright color, large size (body length of fish is about 20 cm) and a barrel-shaped form, but the amazing shape of her mouth. It is small and is something like an inverted triangle. This advantage, and the lack of fish is because of him, she cannot eat properly, and basically only able to pick up the drowning in the water food. The same problem with the spine and the swim bladder, they are deformed (so the fish shape resembles a heart), so swim parrot can’t. It is not surprising that the nature of such a miracle can not be found (despite having the ability to produce offspring), it survives only under the strict concern of aquarists.

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