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The most unusual factor in the development of obesity

Назван самый необычный фактор развития ожирения Weight gain can cause excessive cleanliness.

Excessive zeal in cleaning the apartment, which often show young parents can cause serious harm to the health of children, established canadian scientists. In particular, excessive cleanliness, scientists associated with the development of overweight.

The researchers found that the body of those children, whose families often used household chemicals for cleaning, was recorded unhealthy bacterial composition of intestinal flora: specifically mentioned was the shortage of Haemophilus, and Clostridium bacteria and elevated levels of bacteria Lachnospiraceae. By three years children with this disorder become better peers, they showed higher body mass index.

Note that the object of research scientists in this project were 757 children. At the age of 3-4 months they have taken samples of the intestinal microflora, and then in a few years, scientists continued to monitor their health.

“Excess detergent disrupts the intestinal flora of the child. It threatens future problems with extra weight” – such conclusion was made by researchers on the basis of observations.

The researchers emphasize that the intestines of the human body is populated by a complex microflora and bacteria play a huge role in the vital functions as affect the health, well-being and even emotions.

“Irregularities in the composition and work of the intestinal microflora can lead to serious health problems. First and foremost, to excess weight,” the experts say.

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