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The most unusual cloud in the world caught on video

Самое необычное облако в мире попало на видео A cloud of unknown origin were moving along the road, and then rose into the sky.

In the Internet appeared the video, shot one motorist. Unfortunately, any information about the shooting location and the operator is not available, therefore, will be confined to the movie, which strikes to the core.

So, in the video you can see a little cloud floating on the track. After a while an anomalous object rose up a few meters.

Netizens don’t believe in what he saw on video. According to them, a motorist filmed a large piece of cotton, soap suds or something like that, but certainly not a cloud. Clouds, as you know, can’t behave for objective reasons.

Some people have suggested that some cloud was a Ghost or an entity from another world. They also did not forget to recall the theory of ufologists on the reasonable cloud. In the latter case, the anomaly is explained very simply: the cloud has decided to descend upon earth to play.

So, for example, sentient clouds attacked the taxi drivers in Hong Kong, thereby causing panic among the people.

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