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The most unusual car of the Soviet automobile industry. Photo

Самые необычные автомобили советского автопрома. Фото They were created in a single copy.

When it comes about rare cars, most seem to be or something luxurious, limited edition or something equally luxurious, custom-made demanding customers. And few people think about the cars of the Soviet manufacture. But the USSR was truly exclusive cars. In this review we about five of them.


Самые необычные автомобили советского автопрома. Фото

It was a bold experiment.

Serial GAZ-A was produced in the USSR since 1932, and was almost a complete copy of the us Ford A. Car GAZ-A-AERO appeared in 1934 and became an experimental car. Established machine was the engineer Alexander Nikitin, who was able to achieve a reduction of fuel consumption by a quarter and increase the maximum speed from 80 to 106 kmh.

The concept wasn’t anything similar to its predecessor. The car has undergone many major changes. Nikitin himself studied with its help, the aerodynamic capabilities of the transport. Unfortunately, World war II was forced to curtail the project.

2. The GAZ-C1 “Victory sport”

Самые необычные автомобили советского автопрома. Фото

Soviet automobile industry

It was a victory, and sports.

Sports car “Victory sport” was designed by an aeronautical engineer Alexey Smolin. The car was built on the chassis of the legendary “Victory”. Duralumin aerodynamic body and a new engine allowed us to achieve impressive performance.

The car became the first Soviet racing car, which was built in a few instances. These machines were delivered three of the all-Union speed records and won several Championships.

3. ZIS-112

Самые необычные автомобили советского автопрома. Фото

Not the most successful attempt.

The car appeared some time after the release of “Victory sport” and was positioned as a sports. Unfortunately, the car had a number of technical imperfections. For example, the original engine from ZIS-110 was weak, for incredibly heavy body sport model.

Engine later replaced by a more powerful. However, the weight of the car from it has grown even more, which is not the best way affected its performance. The car accelerates to 210 kmh, but were heavily managed and often left to the side when maneuvering.

4. GAZ-torpedo

Самые необычные автомобили советского автопрома. Фото

Really – torpedo!

The car appeared in 1952. “Torpedo” was another example of Soviet sports cars. Machine was good performance and great maneuverability, unlike the ZIS-112. However, the car lost speed closest counterparts from other Soviet factories. However, this did not prevent install on a “torpedo” from two of the all-Union speed record.

5. Moskvich-G2

Самые необычные автомобили советского автопрома. Фото

Won the competition in the first year.

This is strange in view of “Muscovite” has turned out not bad at all. Had an incredibly powerful engine at 750 HP and only weighs 660 kg the car has a top speed exceeding 220 kg. In 1959, this car decided to upgrade to G2 was able to take part in the racing circuit. As a result, in the same year the car won the all-Union competition among racing car in its class. After 1962, about this machine, unfortunately, forgotten.

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