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The most trendy hairstyles of the summer season. Photo

Самые модные стрижки летнего сезона. ФотоEight of the most current haircuts.

The image of a modern girl will never be seen in one piece without the stylized haircuts and styling. In order to look good, the one clothes and accessories is not enough. It is very important to look good and hairstyle this question is very important. After all, no matter how beautiful was not dressed girl, no trendy haircuts and styling will completely ruin the whole image. And although it was the middle of summer, but that doesn’t mean to change later. In our review of 8 of the most relevant haircuts of this season, which instantly turn an ordinary girl into the most spectacular beauty.


Самые модные стрижки летнего сезона. Фото

Cascade is one of the most important haircuts of this year. She goes to almost everyone, but especially those who have brittle and damaged hair. Cascade allows you to visually create volume and magically transforms the face. Cascade is relevant as long or short hair, it can be worn with bangs and without. And another tip: to thin and oval face will suit lush strands with volume at the roots and in the temporal part of the head; and for round and full face is better to make a cascade out curled or frayed edges.

Graduated haircuts

Самые модные стрижки летнего сезона. Фото

Have graduated haircut with a sharp transition long hair, the difference of multi-level locks can be very big. For example, on the one hand leave strands straight, and on the other are cut at a 45 degree angle. In addition, this haircut can include two and sometimes three long. It is best suited to bold girls who are not afraid of experiments and will not regret the cut length.

Elongated Bob

Самые модные стрижки летнего сезона. Фото

Elongated Bob won the hearts of the beautiful half of humanity. If last year the most popular was the usual Bob, this season long hair slightly increased. This is a very trendy haircut that would fit the slender girls.

Bob with shaved nape

Самые модные стрижки летнего сезона. Фото

Bob with shaved nape – this is another variant of the well known haircuts. It is ideal for lovers of short hair. At this length haircuts front reaches the classical level, and the occipital area is cut as short as possible. At the back of the head almost shaved hair on the top becomes very lush. It looks very stylish.


Самые модные стрижки летнего сезона. Фото

Kare – a classic that never goes out of fashion. She has a lot of variations: torn strands, quads on the leg extension. A short Bob as relevant as ever this season. It goes well with a straight fringe. But this kind of haircut caret is suitable only to owners of straight hair. The same girls who have curly hair, it is better becoming your choice for slightly sloppy penalty, in which separate loose strands of hair will not look out of place.

Asymmetrical haircuts for short hair

Самые модные стрижки летнего сезона. Фото

Asymmetry in fashion. Especially popular were such haircuts on short hair. This hairstyle will suit girls with classic features. Another variation on this theme – long bangs on short hair. Than not asymmetry? The unusual combination looks very stylish and slightly resembles Bob. However, in this case, the bangs laid on its side and is the longest part of the hair

Long XXL

Самые модные стрижки летнего сезона. Фото

This season in fashion well as long hair. And really, what could be more beautiful girl with luxurious long healthy hair? And this haircut looked bored, experts recommend doing cascading layered cut without bangs. It combines asymmetric and smooth lines. It all looks just gorgeous.

Haircuts with bangs

Самые модные стрижки летнего сезона. Фото

Haircuts with bangs – the main trend of the 2017 year. However, the standard excludes its direct execution, but all other options are welcome. This season is very popular bangs with ragged edges, clearly looking in conjunction with gorgeous regrown curls (for oval and round faces), long and uneven, with deep feathering, with a straight, but rare strands of hair (Hollywood fringe). The mass of options. Most importantly, find your own!

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