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The most terrible traditions in the culture of the Aztecs. Photo

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. ФотоOne of the most mysterious peoples in history.

During the reign of the Emperor Tlacaelel in the Aztec Empire as the Supreme deity Huitzilopochtli was proclaimed, revered as the sun God and the God of war. Widespread have become rituals with human sacrifice, and many bloody rites has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Modern scientists know, how did some of these terrible rituals.

1. Wars of the Aztecs for the capture of prisoners

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. Фото

Insatiable gods required all new and new victims, not enough captives for sacrifice. Then the Aztecs agreed with the rulers of neighboring city-States of Tlaxcala that they will wage wars among themselves for the sole purpose of capturing prisoners. Now, when the battle ended, the warriors defeated the army knew what fate awaited them, but, nevertheless, without a murmur obeyed the enemy.

2. Voluntary samopozhertvovanie

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. Фото

The Aztecs considered it an honor to be sacrificed to the gods. On the sacrificial altar have voluntarily given their lives to the captives, criminals and debtors. Captured by the Aztecs, whom the Spaniards once gathered to release, came in a rage, as they were deprived of the opportunity to die honorably. Prostitutes were also sacrificed in honour of the Goddess of love. During periods of prolonged drought many were forced to sell their children into slavery in exchange for their 400 corn cobs. Children who worked badly, the owners had the right to resell. But twice already resold a slave could be sent to the sacrificial altar.

3. Holiday Toxcatl

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. Фото

Holiday Toxcatl (from toxcahuia – drought) in honor of the God Tezcatlipoca was held in the fifth month of the Aztec calendar in honor of the harvest and was intended to ensure a good harvest in the future. A year before the festival they chose a young handsome young man, usually from among the prisoners of the soldiers, who had the whole year to read almost like a God. The chosen one lived in the Palace, studied singing, flute playing, oratory. And on the day of the holiday on top of the pyramid were made a ritual ceremony for the long, sacrificial stone, the priests opened the unfortunate chest, ripped out the beating heart, and the body was thrown down to the crowd, where he was beheaded. And began the celebration, accompanied by the eating of the meat of sacrifices and dances.

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4. The sacrifice on the stone

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. Фото

Usually this ceremony was done on the long sacrificial stone on top of the pyramid. The victim was laid on the stone, the priest opened the chest and tore out her still beating heart. Then the heart was torn to pieces and laid upon the altar, and later he was eaten by the priests. The body had been pushed down the pyramid, where he was beheaded, dismembered, and meat dishes for the upcoming feast.

5. Ritual cannibalism

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. Фото

The meat of the victims was used to prepare different dishes for the priests and nobility. Most often, cooked meat, baked with corn. Bones were used to make tools, weapons, household utensils. Recipe one of these meals – soup posole, which was prepared for the Emperor of the thigh of the victim, has reached our days, only now the use of cooking pork. To substitute human flesh for pork Aztecs made Christians.

6. Mass sacrifice at Tenochtitlan

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. Фото

During the reign of the Aztecs in Mexico every year sacrificed about 250 thousand people. But the mass of the known sacrifices were made at the celebration of the completion of the great Pyramid in Tenochtitlan. A lot of years to build this Holy temple, and 1487 it was built. Over the 4 day celebration killed an incredibly large number of people – 84 thousand.

7. The feast of the Flaying of men

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. Фото

Techsideline – one of the worst of the Aztec festivals, held in honor of the God of the Thorn-Coteca, “Mr. no – skin”. 40 days before the festival they chose a number of captured soldiers and slaves, dressed them in fine clothes and they lived in luxury, but only for 40 days. And on the first day of the festival, which lasts 20 days, there was a mass sacrifice in which they alive skinned. The first day was fully occupied with the removal of the skin, and the second dismemberment of telephone Body further was eaten, and the skin for 20 days bore the priests, and then gave them for safekeeping, and the priests used it during their ritual dances.

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8. Gladiator fights

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. Фото

During the feast, removing the skin of some victims were given a chance to escape. For this they need to defeat armed to the teeth with the famous Aztec warriors with only a wooden sword, which of course did not give them the slightest chance to win. The fighting took place on the round sacrificial stone Timelocal. But according to legend, one of the captives managed, killing 8 soldiers, to win this battle. The Aztecs were so impressed by this outcome that the winner in the quality awards offered to command the army. But he offer was not accepted, considering it an insult, and preferred to die honorably, being sacrificed to the gods.

9. The attitude of the Aztecs to the twins

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. Фото

The Aztecs a very ambiguous attitude to the twins. In some myths they are presented as heroes, or even deities, and in others as a terrible murderer. However, in real life the twins was clearly regarded with disgust, considering them freaks. The patron Saint of twins was considered the God Xolotl, the God of storms and death, which, having a very unpleasant appearance, he was one of the two twin gods. It was believed that the birth of twins constitutes a threat to the lives of their parents. So often survivors were left only one of the twins, and the second was given as a sacrifice to the gods.

10. Child sacrifice

Самые страшные традиции в культуре ацтеков. Фото

The Aztecs for the sake of their religion did not spare even children. In one of the temples in honor of the God Tlaloc controlling the forces of rain, thunder and lightning, during a severe drought occurred the most terrible ritual. In order to beg God’s rain in the temple as victims children were brought and killed them there. Many of the children didn’t want to go and was crying loudly, climbing the stairs to the top of the temple. Those who did not cry himself, were forced to do it, because their crying was a necessary part of the ritual. On top of the pyramid children beheaded, and their bodies were taken outside the city and kept in a special pit under the open sky. To do that, so they, too, could shed fertile rain.

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