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The most terrible fights of football fans. Photo

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. ФотоFans can be pretty brutal.

Football is undeniably the most popular sport on Earth, and in a sense, he represents all humanity – our competitive nature, the ability to come together, and sport skills. It is called “world language”, because anywhere on Earth you can play football. Football hooligans — specific social and countercultural community, is unique anthropological phenomenon. In our collection some memorable fights fans.

The riots are just as varied, how many bloody. Sometimes fight fans of one team by fans of the other, but often it is the police forces that pacify the fans. Regardless of who came together in this match, occasionally there are deaths. Often it is the innocent bystanders who accidentally kill children and the elderly were pinned to the walls and trampled to death, it happened in the heat of battle, unwittingly. Sometimes killed by the police. Sometimes people are killed simply because they are mistaken for members of a particular nationality.

What causes people to riot? Everyone remembers the carnage in Central Moscow ended an action of memory of the fan “Spartaka” Egor Sviridov killed in fight with Caucasians. Recall, Yegor Sviridov, was shot during a fight with four Dagestanis in the cafe at Kronstadt Boulevard. He was widely known in club “Spartak” as one of the leaders of the fans of the team (nickname Gray). During the action of memory suffered by the riot police completely alien teenagers Caucasians, the windshield wipers, which were very much to do with it, and many people are “nonwhite”.
“As far as I am familiar with the fan movement, they have never been politicized… was bullying, but in their ranks they did not allow nationalist things. Admittedly, in recent times we aggravated work with the fans.” (Vitaly Mutko, Minister of sport.)

15. England V Russia (Euro Cup 2016)

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

The incident that immediately comes to mind, still fresh in our memory – a riot that erupted after a match between Russia and England at the European Championships in 2016. England played with the score 1-1 against Russia, which has a relatively low rating. But the biggest disappointment was yet to come. Again, English and Russian fans proved that football hooliganism is alive and well when a mass brawl broke out in the stadium between the rigid adherents of the two peoples. It was later established that the Russians have long been waiting for such a moment.
For many decades, the English fans were known as the “main gang” of football, and it was the title that the Russians decided the British to take away. And this Russian had the opportunity, they could show how they are tougher, stronger and how they are more violent than the famous English hooligans. And they seem to have proved his point. The Russians, not the English, were the aggressors in this situation, since they began to stick to the English fans after the match. These Russian fans are reported to have been “well trained” for several months, and prepared for this fight; was formed “army” of 150 fans who arrived at the stadium with the sole purpose of the attack on the British. The clashes 35 people were injured, and one English fan was in critical condition. Violence at the stadium later spread throughout the city, and since then it’s simply called “Battle of Marseille”.

14. Germany vs Yugoslavia (world Cup 1998)

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

The world Cup 1998 was one of the most brutal. It was noted many cases of bullying, but perhaps one of the worst occurred before the match between Germany and Yugoslavia. As in the collision between Russia and England, this also happened in France in LANs. Before the match, the German hooligans attacked the three policemen. The officers quickly got reinforcements and outnumbered; one of them, Daniel Nivel, was hit on the head Billboard. It was quickly pushed aside from other cops, and while he was lying on the ground, his helmet rolled off somewhere. He was kicked and trampled, as a result, he was badly injured, receiving severe head injury. The poor man fell into a 6 week coma and was left with brain damage and disability, he has serious problems with speech. Many of the attackers were charged, and one of them was convicted in France, imprisoned for a term of 5 years, and was forbidden ever again to visit in France. Four were convicted in Germany, one of them charged with attempted murder, and he received ten years in prison. Others received less severe sentences.

13. The battle of Beverwijk

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

The Dutch are notoriously famous for its football hooliganism, and one of the worst manifestations of this activity became a kind of legend. This event was called “the Battle of Beverwijk.” Two teams from the Netherlands hate each other is Feyenoord and FC Ajax. Hooligans of both teams always look forward to sink his teeth into each other, and in March 1997 they had the chance. Surprisingly, this incident occurred not even in the stadium or next to it. It happened on the freeway. 23 March 1997 near the small Dutch town of Beverwijk there was a fight between hooligans of Feyenoord and Ajax. In total came together about 500 people (300 Feyenord 200 Ajax), the fight lasted long, but used all kinds of weapons — knives, sticks, axes, bats, chains, bottles and “Molotov cocktails”. Several people were seriously injured, one person was killed.
The Dutch police knew that a war is coming, but I didn’t know where. They hesitated until it was too late. When the police still arrived to the scene, the fight already ended with the victory of hooligans of Feyenoord. After a fight on the field of battle lay scored on the death of a fan from Amsterdam – a 35-year-old Carlo Picerni. Carlo was previously one of the main people in the F-Side, but after the wedding and the birth of the child, opened his hotel and was not so active. He began to retreat, when hooligans of Feyenoord started to take the upper hand, and was beaten to death with a hammer.

The police warned his colleagues in AZ, instructing them to calculate the fans of Feyenoord as
once they arrive at the stadium. The main primetime was dirty boots and traces of blood on clothing. But most bullies have cleaned the shoes and changed clothes. Still the most famous members of the group were calculated alkmaarse police with the help of colleagues from Rotterdam. All were arrested 28 fans. The event had a huge impact in the social life of Holland, and once more seriously has led many to wonder about the phenomenon of football hooliganism. Video of the event became the basis for many arrests. Many fans have tied and imprisoned for a term up to 4 years. Many also received a ban on visits to football stadiums, and the government began to develop a set of measures against hooligans.

12. Upton Park – 2009

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

Always the rivalry can be fierce when there are two of the London club. The event, known as the “Night of shame “Upton Park”, happened when clashed “Millwall” and “West ham”, two clubs that are absolutely terribly hate each other. The clash began three hours before the match, when on the subway station “Upton Park”, broke through the police cordon and pelted cops with bricks and bottles, clashed in a fight fans two of the biggest clubs – Intercity (“West ham”) and the Bushwhackers (“Millwall”). Several times during the game, the fans invaded the field and the match had to be stopped. “West ham” won 3-1 on the field spilled hundreds of fans who celebrated the victory, and which are unable to handle the police. However, on the field, no one was hurt, but outside the stadium, the rioting continued. According to police there were no deaths, but many injured, one of them is 44-year-old man was taken to hospital with a knife wound (his life is out of danger). Despite the fact that at the end of the match at the stadium was on duty 200 infantry and 20 cavalry officers and a helicopter, to prevent local battles they could not. According to eyewitnesses, the fighting was too much, besides, fans looted shops and other establishments that caught their eye. Hundreds of people received various injuries and trauma.

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The football Association announced that everyone involved in the fight fan, whose identity will be able to identify, “will be barred for life from watching football matches in stadiums, because such people have no place in the game.” Also an official statement appeared on the website of “West ham United”: “the Club will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour and will take decisive action against the perpetrators of the incidents. To apply the lifelong deprivation of the right of passage to the territory of the stadium. As before, during and after the match we have fully cooperated with the police.”

11. 1996 European Cup semi-finals

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

European semi-final of 1996 between Germany and England is another example in a long list of bullying who created the English fans such a bad reputation in the international community. What’s worse, and even more inexplicably, this match took place in England, and in the actions of English hooligans and their barbaric antics, they terrorized and destroyed their own country — are the real barbarians. Riots broke out after England lost to Germany, Gareth Southgate missed a penalty kick late in the game, and all the cities and villages all over England were excited — all at the same time riots broke out. The worst of these riots happened in Trafalgar square in London, where a crowd of 2,000 people throwing bottles at passing cars, people and police. They also set fire to several cars and smashed shop Windows. In Brighton, 17-year-old Russian boy received five stab wounds when a group of young people mistook him for a German. In Wiltshire the police officer received a head injury from hitting the bottle.

10. Match “Luton” against “Millwall” (1985)

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

Millwall FC has already been mentioned in this list, and as you will see from this incident, they have a long history, and they are a hell of a long time in the heart of the most violent football riots ever recorded. “Really” club of the once most violent and dangerous fans in Britain. Their main enemies — “West ham”, “crystal Palace”, “Charlton”, “Gillingham”. The motto speaks volumes: No one likes us, we don’t care! (We do not like, but we Fig!) London football club “Millwall” was founded back in 1885, the year the Scottish company J. T. Morton, from and white-blue (in honor of the national flag of Scotland). Specifics criminalized working-class suburbs of London became the main cause of increased aggressiveness of fans, “Millwall”. The first riots began the match with a neighboring “vest, Sam” as much as in 1906, the year.
In the middle of the 1985 season, the year fans “Millwall” staged one of the largest massacres in the entire history of English football. The third of March, Arsenal had to travel to Luton town for a match with the same team. Fan group of the local club MIG dared to challenge the main gang of dockers Bushwackers, and all, including the police, knew that the match is doomed to unrest.
On the way to the stadium, guests from London smashed all the pubs, where he loved to spend time with fans “Luton”, as well as parked cars. On the stadium atmosphere even more tense. The players took to the field to warm up, then ran back to the locker room because the fans of both clubs were to break through on the field. Only with the help of the police managed to reason with the bullies, throw bottles and torn seats. Police barely managed to contain the aggression of guests at the time of the match, but after the final whistle that signalled victory, “Luton” 1 : 0, angry the dockers have taken a more resolute attempt to storm the field. This time it managed to push the police and get to the Luton fans. Chaos in the stadium lasted for more than an hour. The results of the incident were wounded, 31 officers, several dozen people were arrested, and unprecedented carnage in the provincial town provoked sharp criticism of the most Margaret Thatcher was the main reason for the failure of the application of UK to the Euro 88.

9. Derby in North London 1982

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

Another example of this sort of violent hooliganism of the 80-ies in England — the match between “Arsenal” and “vest ham”. By 1982, fans are becoming more and more violent, and improved in the violence. They begin to carry weapons into the stadium, and is the path to the ever-increasing level of brutality.
“West ham” have already been mentioned earlier in this list, and they are considered one of the most dangerous gangs of football fans in England. But Arsenal also had their own gang of violent fans known as “Gooners”. These two gangs have become the only and sufficient ingredients of the cocktail called “cruelty”.

“West ham” expect that you will not meet resistance, they rebelled and seized the rostrum of the fan sector of the Arsenal, but the Arsenal fans fought back and had a strange fight. However, their resistance was not enough to protect the sector, and pushed them with their own stands. While supporters of the “West ham” just teased their opponents, a group of Arsenal fans regrouped and tried to return to the podium and reclaim his territory. Fans of “West ham” was shocked and amazed by this movement, and pushed them so far that they were practically thrown from the stands. The police as we could have defended supporters of the “West ham”, and the situation began to dissipate. However, later that same night an Arsenal fan was surrounded by fans, “West ham” and brutally slaughtered. That night was a turning point for Arsenal fans, and the fans, “West ham” never tried again to invade their stands.

8. The Final Of The European Cup 1975

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

The English fans once again appeared in the scandal center when the “Leeds United” played against Bayern in the final of the European Cup in 1975. The match took place in Paris, and after a series of questionable judicial decisions that had been taken against Leeds United, their fans lost control of themselves. They began to throw bottles and other objects on the field, and in the end who ran in the field. In addition, they tore the seats at the stadium, and attacked everyone. In some incredible way harmed the German cameraman — he lost an eye! Also had a broken arm at the photographer, and a broken video camera worth several thousand dollars. But violence was not one-sided. Former star of “Leeds United” Bobby Collins was beaten (outside the stadium). It was one of the worst cases of violence in the history of football, which prompted UEFA to consider a waiver of all future European competitions.

7. The riot at the stadium, Matokeo

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

In General, African football fans are known as some of the most ardent in the world. We all remember the 2010 world Cup, held in South Africa, when the world was struck by the strange sounds coming from the stands produced by the instrument called “vuvuzela”. Of course, not all fans are equally fanatical, there are those who get pleasure from the game without fights and fights. The semi-finals of the African Nations Cup between the teams of Ghana and Equatorial Guinea was a real war zone. If to speak about natural disasters and unrest in the stadiums, which claimed several lives, the first of these is the mutiny on the Matokeo stadium in Congo. Socozaki and Nyuki System met in the championship match, and there was a rumor that one of the players is a spell – someone had used witchcraft. As you may (or may not) know, in some African countries, people still passionately believe in witchcraft, and the accused burn easily or brutally executed. So when such a hearing is distributed before the football match, violence will happen. People started a riot, the police intervened fairly quickly and were able to protect the players and people. But almost immediately, the police chief was wounded in the head and was severely wounded, and the police began firing rifles into the air in a futile attempt to pacify the crowd. The “battlefield” left 13 killed and 36 wounded. Most of the victims were young people aged 11 to 16 years who were trampled to death or pinned to the walls of the crowd.

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6. The disaster at the stadium hazel

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

One of the worst riots in the history of football happened at the hazel stadium in 1985. Again, English football fans and Italian fans of Juventus in the 1985 final of the European Cup in Brussels. Just imagine 39 people were killed and more than 600 people were injured! Cup match was held between Liverpool and Juventus, and the revolt began an hour before the match. The opposing sides threw stones at each other. All ended in a melee fight, and the conflict turned into a brutal battle, when fans of Liverpool broke the fence and attacked Juventus fans. After a short confrontation, the Juventus fans were pinned to the wall while trying to retreat. They drove directly to the concrete wall, and many crushed by the crowd. When people tried to climb the wall, it collapsed, and in turn part of the stadium just fell apart into pieces and buried under a lot of people. This led UEFA to ban English clubs to participate in UEFA club Competition until the 90-ies.

5. The battle at the stadium of Kayseri Ataturk

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

Turkish football fans known for their hooliganism, and one of the worst cases of mass riots happened in Turkey at the Ataturk stadium in 1967 the First fight between fans caused the panic and the Exodus, in which many were trampled to death. When the dust settled, it turned out that 43 people were killed and over 300 injured. Teams Kayserispor and Sivasspor, but it is their game was the main event that day. Kayserispor led 1-0 in the first half, and fans of Sivasspor have started to provoke them. Started with stone throwing and quickly came to full-on violence. Many of the fans were armed, they had baseball bats and knives, and when both sides came together, innocent bystanders tried to flee. This led to the fact that a huge crowd of people rushed towards the exits and trample each other to death. Later, violence spread through the streets, and fans of Sivasspor attacked innocent people. The government had to allocate enormous resources to curb this violence.

4. Ellis Park

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

One of the fatal football riots ever took place, occurred in South Africa during the football match of 1991 in the stadium Ellis Park in Johannesburg. It happened during a match between “Kaiser Chiefs” and “Orlando Pirates”. It was immediately clear that the stadium was very crowded, and the riots combined with a crush led to the second worst sporting disaster in the history of South Africa — 42 deaths. The worst sporting disaster happened ten years later, it was the result of panic rather than violence as such. In this situation, 30,000 people crammed into the stadium, which could accommodate only 23,000 people. Moreover, the fans were not separated from each other by fences, and “pirates” were interspersed with fans of the Chiefs. Soon, in the course of the match there was an outbreak of violence between the two fans after a dubious goal scored “Ciframi” and counted the referee. This prompted fans of the “Pirates” to attack enemies with knives in their hands and throw their fruit and banks. But most of the deaths happened because of a stampede that led to the deaths of dozens of people.

3. Port Said

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

Egyptians perceive football incredibly seriously, which is often very easily transferred to cruelty. It’s never been more evident as during the massacre at the stadium “Port said” in 2012. This rebellion is still fresh in our minds, and it proves that football hooliganism remains a serious problem worldwide.
The match between “El Marcy” and “El-Ahly” and the subsequent violence had a result like this: 74 people were killed and over 500 injured. The match ended in a 3-1 victory for “El-Marsi,” and the hooligans-fans of “El Marcy” stormed the pitch to attack fans of “El-Ahly” with knives, bats, fireworks, bottles, and even swords. Death came to him in various forms. Some were stabbed with knives and beaten to death, while others were thrown from the upper stands. Many were trampled or crushed to death in the ensuing stampede. Later, all accused police of inaction and as you can see from the videos, they really have done little to stop or deter violence. They were also accused of having opened the gates to allow the fans to leave. This led to the fact that the government excluded from all competitions Egyptian Premier League for 2 years.

2. The defeat of the stadium Accra

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

Disaster at the Accra sports stadium went down in history the worst football riots, is one of the most bloody events in all of sports history, and the worst disaster among sporting events in Africa. The incident 2001, claimed the lives of 127 people! It happened at the Ohene Djan stadium in Ghana during the match between the two biggest clubs in the country, “Accra hearts” from the Sports club of the KLA and “Asante Kotoko”. The rivalry between these two clubs was fierce and it was one of the factors that led to disaster. Two goals from the hosts led to the victory 2-1. This emotional turn of events has infuriated the fans of Kotoko who began throwing bottles and torn seats on the field. Before the game, the police took additional security measures that should have prevented the violence. But it is building security, and caused a large number of deaths. When the police began to use tear gas, happened huge crush, the chaos began. Countless people were crushed under my feet and the walls died from shock or suffocation. The police blamed the incident but not prosecuted.

1. Estadio Nacional

Самые жуткие драки футбольных фанатов. Фото

The worst riot and disaster in football history occurred at the stadium Estadio national, when, in 1964, Peru received Argentina in the qualifying match for the football tournament Tokyo Olympics. The rivalry between these two Nations is incredibly cruel, especially when it comes to football. More than 50,000 people took part in watching the match. In all too familiar situation, the referee was in the center of the conflict, when he was forbidden to count important for the Peru goal. Fans were outraged and invaded the field. Police used tear gas and fans provoked a mass stampede of people who were desperately trying to avoid gas. Corrugated steel outputs were located below the level of the stadium. The number of people that rushed in the direction of these remedies, has caused the death of hundreds of people. Everyone who stayed inside the stadium and not try to escape — he survived and got no damage. Outside the stadium the city suffered great damage. The official number of deaths is 328, although many say that the real number is much higher. More than 500 people were injured.

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