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The most stable atomic clock

Созданы самые стабильные атомные часыThe role of the pendulum in such clocks is assigned to the atoms.

Employees located in the United States of America National Institute of standards and technology have built atomic clocks, which are considered the most stable of the existing ones.

Atomic clock is a device for measuring current time based on the oscillations of atomic and molecular structures. In General, the role of the pendulum in such clocks is assigned to the atoms.

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The stability of the atomic clock, respectively, controlled by the precision “ticks” by atoms forming a periodic process.

The specific implementation of the atomic clock, created by scientists from the United States, consists of two synchronized ytterbium chronometer — accuracy, demonstrated by such decision, is unbelievable, as noted by competent professionals.

Despite this fact, scientists do not stop to improve their offspring. It is, incidentally, already has a ten times higher stability than all of the previously existing atomic clocks. And in the future, scientists say, the watch will be brought to the level of accuracy, which is enough even for setting the parameters of time travel. Unless of course, they cease to be fiction.

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