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The most simple way to reduce the pressure

Назван самый простой способ снизить давлениеUseful and secure.

Mantra and meditation not only able to bring the emotional state back to normal and to relieve stress, they can lower blood pressure. The Eastern practice of self-contemplation can be an effective means of dealing with hypertension. And I say this not Lama, and the most real doctor.

The Brit Claudia Zeff genetic predisposition to high pressure, and therefore increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The woman had a lifetime to take blood pressure meds, and after 45 regularly inspected to prevent the possibility of stroke and kidney damage.

Two years ago she started the medication, but recent tests showed that the walls of the blood vessels began to thicken, which is a very troubling sign. And then Claudia became a member of the pilot program conducted by the cardiologist. The participants to cope with the high pressure used, the practice of meditation and mantra. Today, 54-year-old woman not only freed from the tablets of her heart healed itself!

The benefits of yoga exercises has long been axiomatic for people in the East. Widely used yoga in the West, but such of its members as the recitation of mantras and exercises to deep breathing was always viewed medicine with skepticism. However, in modern science there is increasing evidence that meditation bring health benefits. So scientists have proven that meditation can reduce pain and out of the deep depression of people with chronic and incurable diseases.

Now there is a view that using the technique of meditation can make the brain differently to influence the sympathetic nervous system, which in our body is responsible for stress. In the result of a normal heartbeat, the frequency of breaths and blood pressure.

Last year the American heart Association presented the results of an extensive study that showed that patients with cardiovascular disease with the help of mantras and meditation by 50% decreased the probability of heart attacks, strokes and deaths. So sit in the Lotus position, close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and repeat a thousand times: “Om Mani peme hum!”

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