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The most significant discoveries in the history of mankind. Photo

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. ФотоThese discoveries help humanity to move forward and face its past.

Every year scientists find something new, and in almost all areas: in space exploration, archaeology, natural science and not only. In this overview of the most important discoveries which were revolutionary in its time.

1. The Galilean satellites - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

When Galileo Galilei, the famous Italian astronomer and Renaissance times, looked up at the sky in the newly constructed telescope in January 1610, he had no idea that discover the four largest satellites of Jupiter (now known as the Galilean satellites). In fact, no scientist until that day not even imagine that other planets can also be its own satellites.

2. The evolution of microbes

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

Antibiotics and vaccines saved millions of lives, but, to the surprise of scientists, some microbes are evolving faster than people can find ways of dealing with them. The flu virus, for example, mutates so quickly that the vaccine made last year is ineffective against the epidemic this year.

3. Yonaguni Monument

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

In 1987, during the search for a comfortable place shark hammerheads, Director of the tourist Association of Kihachiro Aratake noticed an unusual bottom formations resembling architectural structures off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands in Japan. Still among scientists there is an ongoing discussion about whether the “Yonaguni Monument” is a natural formation, which was then modified by people, or is it entirely man-made education by the age of 10 000 years.

4. The Bud by a mummy priest

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

Researchers from Lund University, Sweden I was amazed when did a CT mummified Scandinavian Bishop. They found the remains of the tiny child under the leg of the Bishop. The researchers suggest that this fruit may be either a relative of the priest or, perhaps it was a child born out of wedlock.

5. Infrared radiation

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

Infrared radiation was revealed by the British astronomer William Herschel in 1800 when he studied the heating effect of different colours of the spectrum. He used a prism to highlight the various colors of the spectrum and thermometers to measure the heating effect they produce. Today, infrared radiation is used in many fields, including surveillance, heating, meteorology, astronomy, etc.

6. Temperature below absolute zero

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

Absolute zero (-273,15 ° C or -459,67 ° F) was considered the lower limit of the thermodynamic scale of temperature. However, a team of scientists from the max Planck Institute in Germany have recently shown that this theory is wrong. They managed to cool the cloud of gas atoms in vacuum to a temperature below -273,15 ° C.

7. Tsunamis on Mars

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

Scientists have recently published evidence that a giant tsunami might shocked Martian landscape around 3.4 billion years ago. The researchers believe that the two meteor impact caused a huge tidal wave, which could be up to 50 m in height.

8. Stone spheres of Costa Rica

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

In Costa Rica more than 300 artificial stone spheres (known as petroperu).They were discovered in 1930 during the expansion of banana plantations. The spheres were probably made by ancestors of the indigenous peoples who lived in this region during the Spanish conquest, but their exact age and purpose are still not known.

9. The Effect Of Mandela

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

Today many talk about “alternative facts”, but what about “alternative memories”. Many people clearly remember Nelson Mandela died in 1980-ies in prison, not in 2013 from the disease (the official version of the death of Mandela). It’s a strange phenomenon in which large groups of people are present alternative memories, was called the “Mandela effect”. Such repeatedly recorded all over the world.

10. The Tomb Of Tutankhamen

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

Almost intact tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered by Egyptologist Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in 1922. Tutankhamun was one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs, but died at the age of only 18 years, which is one of the greatest mysteries of Ancient Egypt. The discovery of the tomb received worldwide press coverage, and it also sparked renewed public interest in ancient Egypt.

11. Hurricane on Saturn

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

In 2013, the spacecraft NASA has discovered a giant hurricane on Saturn. Only the eye of the storm this monster was the size of about 2000 km, and the clouds around him raced at speeds up to 530 km/h. Given that the Saturn has no oceans, it is difficult to explain the formation of such a gigantic storm.

12. The song of humpback whales

Whales Humpbacks reproduce the strange songs, which scientists are trying to explain for decades. In 2015, the Hawaiian island of Maui was recorded completely new sound humpback, which is so low that it is barely audible to the human ear. Scientists don’t know how and for what purpose are reproduced that sound.

13. Black hole

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

One of the strangest and most interesting objects found in outer space is a black hole. It is a region of space and time, which have such strong gravitational effects that nothing can escape from it out. Albert Einstein first predicted black holes in 1916 with his General theory of relativity. The term “black hole” was created in 1967 by American astronomer John Wheeler, but a real black hole found only in 1971.

14. RNA interference

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

In 1998, after a series of experiments, the scientists showed that the genome is a protective phenomenon called RNA interference. This process protects against viruses that try to infiltrate the DNA and controls gene expression. This discovery was awarded the Nobel prize in 2006, and led directly to the study of the so-called “silence genes”, which causes problems for the body, for example, the gene that causes high blood pressure.

15. The Voynich Manuscript

Самые значимые открытия в истории человечества. Фото

This is perhaps the most mysterious manuscript that was ever discovered in the history of mankind. The Voynich manuscript is an amazing artifact, whose origin and language are completely unknown. A manuscript full of drawings of plants, strange symbols and diagrams, and is written in a mysterious language that does not belong to any known civilization.

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