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The most picturesque places in Alaska. Photo

Самые живописные места Аляски. ФотоAlaska is the northernmost state in the United States, acquired once Russia and borders Canada.

Alaska is one of the most amazing places on Earth.

Pristine nature attracts every year many tourists. Look at these 15 most beautiful places in Alaska.

National Park and preserve Denali

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

Covering six million acres of Alaska, the Park is crowned by the highest peak in North America (Denali peak, 6910 m).

Glacier National Park Bay

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

Alaska is famous for its inland water cruises. Here tourists can see during a trip on the boat from the majestic Margerie glacier separated the hundred-ton icebergs, while orcas, sea lions, seals and other marine animals frolic in the crystal clear waters around it.

Highway Alaska

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

Having a length of 1387 km and stretching from Delta junction, Southeast of Fairbanks, and Dawson Creek in British Columbia, Canada, the Alaska highway (also known as the ALCAN) is one of the most scenic highway in the world. Built during the Second world war, this well-maintained road winds through some truly spectacular landscapes.

The Katmai national Park

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

If You’ve seen one of those photos where a brown bear (grizzly) sitting on the edge of the waterfall catches a salmon in the air, it is likely that it was taken in Katmai national Park on the waterfall Brooks falls.

The Arctic Coast

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

Alaska is known as “the last frontier”. Here, in the vastness of the tundra, Alaska natives live side-by-side with one of the biggest predators in the world: polar bear. The village Inupiaq in Kaktovik, located on the island close to the mainland — one of the best places to see these huge mammals, which congregate here in large numbers during the summer while they wait for the Beaufort sea.

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Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

Ketchikan known as the salmon capital of the world, but South city in Alaska in itself is an attraction. Drawing on the lush, forested slopes, picturesque Ketchikan hugs the shore of revillagigedo island at a distance of 50 kilometers.

National wildlife refuge Kodiak

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

Lush, green hills and mountains — give the Kodiak the nickname “the emerald Isle” is quite enough. National wildlife refuge Kodiak offers an unprecedented opportunity to observe brown bears, foxes and sea lions.

National Park Kenai Fjords

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

The idyllic Kenai Peninsula is the “Playground of Alaska” and its main attraction – a national Park Kenai fjords is an ice Wonderland, popular with tourists, kayakers and wildlife enthusiasts.


Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

City Coldfoot is one of the northernmost stops on the Dalton highway. This is a great place to admire the phenomenon of the Northern lights.

National Park and preserve Gates of the Arctic

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

Alternating with wild, glacial rivers carved valleys, this national Park some call unspoilt corner of Switzerland. Refuge for many animals, including 145 species of birds, the Park was named in honor of two dramatic mountains that frame the river Koyukuk, forming something like a gateway for the passage.

National Park and preserve, Wrangell-St. Elias

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

National Park and preserve Wrangell-St. Elias big enough. It is not only the largest national Park in the United States, but it is one of the largest protected wilderness areas in the world. Hugging the canadian border, the Park consists of nine of the highest mountains on the continent.

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The Eastern Aleuts

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

Situated on the coast of Russia, barren, windswept Aleutian Islands are 27 of the 46 most active volcanoes in America. The pearl archipelago is the Eastern district, where brave travelers will be rewarded with wild scenery, steaming volcanic craters and a variety of birds and marine life.

Mountains Of Chugach

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

Standing on the Eastern edge of the anchorage, you can see the stunning mountains of Chugach. They don’t just provide a beautiful backdrop for the city, but also act as one of the most affordable natural reserve of Alaska. There are many Hiking and Cycling trails, a 1.5-mile Hiking trail.

On The Chilkoot Trail

Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

One of the main transportation routes during the Gold rush of the Klondike, was the 33 mile Hiking trail connecting the village of Dyea, near the picturesque South-East of the cruise port of Skagway, Alaska, to Bennett, British Columbia, Canada. But the Chilkoot Trail is not only famous for its historical relics and beautiful landscapes.


Самые живописные места Аляски. Фото

One of the most beautiful and Sunny places in water travel to Alaska — this quaint town. Each fall, thousands of bald eagles congregate to feast during salmon spawning. There are so many that they inspired the organisation of the festival Bald eagle in Alaska, which is held here annually in November.

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