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The most overrated films of 2016. Photo

Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. ФотоThese films failed to bring their creators a lot of money.

Expiring 2016 in terms of cash profit is not too different from the previous three to five years – again in the first places the final box-office sequels, spin-offs and remakes. To some extent, the original can only be considered a “Zeropolis” and “the Secret life of Pets”, but they by and large are a logical continuation of the creativity of two celebrated animation studios. We have put up – the world is ruled by movie franchise, but it is not so simple: not every series has managed with his head held high to overcome in 2016, some of us have to leave in the past for a long time, and possibly forever. We counted a dozen franchises, which this year was not too tough. Goodbye, we will remember you.

Alice By Lewis Carroll

Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

The Burton adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland” 2010 collected in the world more than a billion dollars, the money, of course, guarantee the painting continued. However, the sequel was unable to reach the original – “Alice in Wonderland” has collected less than three hundred million. This is not the disastrous result, but it hardly encourages the leadership of Disney to continue the story of Alice. What has happened in the five years that the audience refused to support the continuation of a favourite film. Happened To Johnny Depp. The actor has long been included on the lists of most overrated (namely financial) actors, and its success was far in the past. In addition, the sequel, was replaced by the Director, and to replace Burton no one has yet succeeded.

Snow white and the Huntsman

Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

A dark fairytale “snow white and the Huntsman” in 2012, suffered obstruction haters of Kristen Stewart, but it was quite an interesting “revision” legacy tales: gallows humor, action, brilliant acting, this direction can and should be developed. But to strike while the iron was hot cost, for three years has flowed too much water, the curiosity vanished or moved on Disney projects like “Maleficent” and “Cinderella”. As a result, instead of 400 million collected in the first movie, “snow white and the Huntsman 2” barely scraped together $ 160 million – efforts of Jessica and Emily blunt Honest was not enough to erase the memory of the fans refused to continue Stuart.

The Gods Of Egypt

Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

Being in a permanent search for a replacement for the deceased in a Bose “Twilight” Studio Summit Entertainment in early 2016 with glow painted the enormous opportunities of franchise about the Egyptian gods in the ancient myths do have a place to roam. But the release of “Gods of Egypt” became a tub of icy water that has collected in world hire only spent more than 10 million budget, the film was subjected to obstruction from critics and audiences. Sloppy special effects, the acting outright trash, inappropriate humor and General awkwardness from happening put on any sequels to the cross. Alas, Hollywood did not manage to adequately approach the mythology, “Percy Jackson” and “clash of the titans” will confirm.

Blair witch

Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

Continuation of the cult horror 1999, a long time hiding under the code name “the Forest” became this year’s surprise for all horror fans. Not to say that “Blair Witch” proved to be a cash setback – the film grossed 45 million against five million of the budget. But goals started the long-awaited sequel Leonsgate were several other Studio wanted on charges of “Saw” and “Paranormal activity,” whose continue collecting a hundred million or more. Alas, the frustration proved too strong – continue wandering through the forests in the near future should not expect, fans will have to switch to an inept forgery.

Independence day

Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

Concerns about the quality of “independence Day: the revival of” many emerged at a time when participation in long-awaited sequel refused will Smith. If the star is in desperate need at that time in heavy hit, turned the script back down the drain. Yes, the sequel earned the old yeast almost $ 390 million, but against a production budget of 165 million, this figure looks stunning. In addition, you need to remember that Emmerich originally intended to shoot two sequels at once, the second and third film, but money sufficed only on “Revival”. Is there a philanthropist, able to Finance a new struggle of Americans with an alien invasion? Ha-ha three times!


Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

For four feature film adaptation of novels by Veronica Roth suffered the biggest crash of 2016, which is hard to even remember. In the second film of the franchise “Divergent” in the mission control Center Lionsgate started flashing red danger signal, but the authors decided to continue the movement. Only to in response to his third film “Divergent: Behind the wall” to the deplorable 180 million fees around the world. This, for a minute, a hundred million less than the previous “failures”! As dead poultices Studio first announced a sharp reduction in the budget for filming the final movie, and then hinted that the fourth movie will go directly to the TV, and now even the corpse decided to cover it with branches and fallen leaves, and is the fourth film to launch a TV series spin-offs without, of course, stars of the original movie. Eternal memory to the heroes of the Resistance!

Festive romantic Comedy, Garry Marshall

Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

The days of “Beauty” and “Princess Diaries” were left far in the past, by the beginning of 2016 celebrated Director Garry Marshall remembered mainly for his holiday Comedy anthologies “Valentine’s Day” and “Old New year”. Both romcom has been criticized, but cash is collected regularly, and in addition, became telepiteni, but the “Nasty lady”, released to mother’s Day in 2016, was quite obscene. There is not even need the opinion of experts, the viewers ‘ verdict, 32 million fees is significantly less than the profit predecessors. The point, however, put the Director in July Marshall died, so the trilogy is closed by natural causes.


Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

Some of the characters don’t want to go. Derrick Zoolander with his love for 1980 were appropriate in the beginning of the century, but now, it belongs in the dustbin of history. Alas, Ben Stiller felt that the return of the hero that made him once the darling of the audience demanded someone else but him, and he was wrong. The second part of “Zoolander” has collected a microscopic $ 55 million, but received a hundred million critical arrows as in the movie itself, and actors it employed. Despite the fact that the cost of production of the film 50 million on some new appearances Derrek may not be considered. Rest in peace, Blue steel!


Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

The need to continue two iconic comedies of the 1980s all these years said so much that it has become just rude to ignore the requests of the audience, but the path went Sony that led the Studio into the abyss. “Ghostbusters” 2016 was doomed to fail from the moment they began to advertise marketing of the film have rendered the franchise a bad service: it is not hopeless Comedy was originally presented to the audience a mediocre set of dirty jokes and ridiculous sight gags. Alas, but Sony itself has alienated its audience – the film has collected a total of 230 million, and about some kind of sequel it is not. Hunters may return to the small screen in the animated series, but it’s not something…

Jack Reacher

Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

In 2012 the adaptation of the Lee child novel with Tom cruise in the lead role of the stars in the sky not caught – world charges of 220 million fantastic luck will not name. However, the fact that the production of the film cost Paramount just $ 60 million left for the sequel to crack and it was decided to use in 2016. “Jack Reacher: Never go back” cost the Studio the same 60 million, but has collected less than 160 million, and according to the law of diminishing profit, the Studio decided to postpone the triquel in the dark long box, otherwise the film itself may not recoup at all. I doubt that this news has upset someone – Cruz has plenty of other projects, and fighters level “Reacher” every year with two dozen.

Movies books Nicholas sparks

Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

Rare novelist can pohvaliti such love of the filmmakers for their works, which went to Nicholas sparks – over the last two decades his books were transferred to the big screen 11 times! “The notebook”, “Dear John”, “Last song” – who had furtively brush away a tear while viewing these romantic ribbons? However, although the first film adaptation effortlessly collected cash cream, the last three films failed financially “Choice” was the last nail in the coffin. Sparks even closed their production company focused on film adaptation of his books, this means that for the first time since 2011 in 2017 housewife will be without its annual serving of tears and snot. And in the future prospect of the return of misty sparks – big budgets, he is now just the long wait.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles

Самые переоцененные фильмы 2016 года. Фото

Two years ago every news about the upcoming game version of the beloved cartoon franchise about the teenage mutant ninja turtles fans was perceived to cheer, and part directed by Michael Bay and Megan Fox seemed to be fans of a guarantee of success. The first film grossed nearly half a billion, but critics got a lot of blows. The mistakes the authors of the franchise do not have, and went on about fans added in the sequel to the cult characters like Bebop and Rocksteady, hoping, apparently, to broaden the base of fans. Alas, the rate has not played – “teenage mutant ninja Turtles 2” have collected at least $ 250 million. Fees fall by half and puts an end to the sequel, fans will have to wait another ten years until the next restart.

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