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The most overrated attractions in the world. Photo

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. ФотоThe tourists will only be disappointed.

People in social networks and on popular tourist sites have decided to share information about the most popular attractions and destinations which really are not worth so much attention that they receive and the money that they ask for.

In this collection popular among users opinions you can find out which popular sites are considered to be too overrated and probably not worth spending a lot of money to visit or see.

Some people set the lowest rating to these sites and places, and wrote that it was just a waste of time and money.

1. Times square

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. Фото

Impressive, but only for 30 seconds until you realize how this square crowded with tourists and locals. In a crowd like this becomes just disgusting.

Here you can find a huge network of stores and a lot of people in creepy costumes advertising, selling photos. In General, times square nowhere to go and have a good time. Here you can walk for hours, but did not find the toilet, and in the winter in this place the strong winds blow (due to the location of buildings creates draft), and it is not so, as shown in the beautiful pictures.

2. Dubai

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. Фото

Many people consider it one of the most soulless and artificial cities in the world. To this add a huge amount of jewelry that adorn the city and add even more artificiality.

Here it is necessary to go only for shopping, but if you want to see beautiful places or go for a walk somewhere, then this is the place for you. The Palm Islands look beautiful from afar, but up close it’s just rocks and huge trash cans.

3. Egypt, particularly the capital Cairo

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. Фото

Very dirty place, but if you’re a woman in Cairo not to go. Many users of social networks write that the people here are unfriendly. Women who visited the city, repeatedly wrote that local men constantly gawking at them and laughed, despite the fact that they were decently dressed and behaved modestly. Cairo is best to visit Luxor and Aswan.

4. Hollywood

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. Фото

It’s a dirty trap for tourists. There are several good bars and restaurants and also music events, but even they are to taste not all.

In addition, Hollywood is all incredibly expensive, especially housing. More or less reasonable prices you’ll find in places very remote from the beach, mountains, Disneyland and other interesting places. In Los Angeles you should go only if you love basketball and want to taste the real American food.

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. Фото

On Hollywood Boulevard of fame tourists constantly stop in the middle of the street to take a picture of a particular star. All the souvenir shops are absolutely the same, and the prices at the eateries are incredibly high.

5. Mona Lisa

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. Фото

Yes, it is definitely a beautiful picture. The problem is that all have seen her photos and copy, and the painting itself is small and hidden behind glass protection making it difficult to see from afar. Wanting to see it so much that you just don’t want to stand through the queue.

6. The London wax Museum Madame Tussauds

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. Фото

London is a huge city with many historical and cultural sites, as well as many free or low-cost museums. But for some reason many prefer to stand in a long queue, and pay a hefty price for a ticket to see a mannequin Justin Bieber and other stars.

7. The London eye (The London Eye)

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. Фото

Expectation: you enter the futuristic booth-capsule, slowly rise up above the ancient city. The crowd remains at the bottom while you enjoy the magnificent panorama of London.

The reality: horrible assistant customer service rips you a huge amount for the use of the wheel, and then you cram in a stuffy cabin with a bunch of sweaty tourists who push you to get to Windows. There are a lot of tourists with small children who scream all the time that you ride on the Ferris wheel, and it takes 45 minutes.

Briefly about what tourists say about other sites that have received the lowest rating on travel sites:

8. Stonehenge is “just a pile of stones.”

9. Church of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) – “ordinary ugliness”.

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. Фото

10. The observation deck of the Empire state building – “it is better to watch from the street, not worth the money to be raised.”

11. Niagara falls – “the visit to the falls is disappointing. As said Oscar Wilde, “it’s the second greatest disappointment in American married couples”.

12. The leaning tower of Pisa “it’s just a tower, which inclined”, “a place where a huge number of deprived imagination of tourists holding hands like they’re trying to hold the tower.”

13. The great wall of China – “a lot of tourists and a lot of the debris that they leave behind. Unless you are passionate about history, the wall is just a lot of steps and irregularities, which are very difficult to move.”

Самые переоцененные в мире достопримечательности. Фото

14. The Sphinx – “is Much less than expected and so damaged that the face is almost there”.

15. The little mermaid (statue in Copenhagen) – “tourist boat you pass by this statue and look at her for a few seconds, and even no desire to stop and look at her longer.”

16. Venice – “Looks grim.”

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