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The most original zombie film since “28 days later” got a trailer

If you fell clicked on the headline news, just wait to conclusions. If you do not read headers, then do not worry, we are not lazy and repeat. So, “the Most original zombie film since 28 days later” Alan Jones (FrightFest Horror Channel) called the horror “From this sand turns red” (It Stains the Sands Red). I called and called, tea is not James WAN, not a good value. But as you know, a kind word and a cat is nice; the creators went ahead and put the inscription on the poster. What good to disappear? Although we know all these “Stephen king amazed” and other blurby. Believe they should be moderate and don’t believe and check the quality yourself. Let us, therefore, the project will closely.

“This sand is red” is the brainchild of Brothers Vicious (The Vicious Brothers), the Duo of canadian filmmakers Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz, who are primarily known pseudodocumentary “grave encounters”. The synopsis of the film sounds in the following way:

Molly with her boyfriend trying to escape from a zombie Apocalypse, somewhere on the edge of the desert waiting for their plane. But here’s the thing — the car breaks down, and on the road to catching up lonely but very stubborn zombie.

Our paws hit the official trailer, which makes clear that the guy is there probably for extras. The story focuses on the stuck in the desert the girl and the dead man walking in her footsteps. Unlike man, he does not need to drink no need to sleep no need to rest or to hide from the heat. But eat is even necessary… Sounds good (and looks good), at least the concept really claim to some originality. Check it out:

The movie successfully moved through several festivals (world premiere last fall) and shortly ready to appear before the audience in theaters and on VOD platforms. The role of the unfortunate Molly, which stuck with the walking dead, was performed by Brittany Allen. She’s already starred in “Brothers” in the science fiction horror “Aliens” (Extraterrestria); in addition, it can be seen in the latest part of “Saw.”

Will the new picture word in a zombie movie? Find out this summer. Reviews from critics, viewers, and promotional materials set up in a positive way. Of course, to the level of the aforementioned smash hit by Danny Boyle , it is unlikely to reach, but it can take pride of place in the niche indie godnoty, mandatory viewing for all fans of the genre.

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