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The most interesting sights of Estonia. Photo

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. ФотоLocated in Northern Europe, Estonia is often undeservedly ignored by travelers.

In addition to its affordability, Estonia can offer to the tourist medieval city, beautiful coastline and fascinating history. Bounded by Russia, Latvia, the Gulf of Finland and Baltic sea country can be an exciting point of your trip to Europe. Among the main attractions of Estonia, castles, national parks and cultural monuments. The amazing city of Tallinn — the capital of the country, but not the only Estonian destination that is worth exploring.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. Фото - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In southern Estonia there is a small town of Viljandi. Its rich history goes back almost 2,600 years, and up to our days preserved many architectural attractions. For example, the ruins of the order castle of Viljandi 16th century, which are worth to see. But the biggest reason to visit is the annual Viljandi folk music festival. Every July, the city attracts around 20,000 visitors who come here for folk music. Dozens of concerts are held in every corner of Viljandi and host to the largest music festival in the country.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. Фото

Soomaa national Park
Soomaa national Park is a breathtaking destination. Peat bogs were formed by the melting glacier more than 10,000 years ago. The best way to explore this natural landmark of Estonia — excursion on a canoe at one of several crossing the Park rivers. You can rent a canoe or join a guided tour where the guide takes you through the most interesting places in Soomaa. You will find deer, moose, beavers, eagles and other representatives of the world wildlife in their natural habitat. Canoeing is especially popular in spring, which the locals called the fifth season. This time of year, the water level increases considerably and the boat is the only way to travel.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. Фото

The Rakvere Castle
In Northern Estonia, Rakvere is an ancient city where people lived for almost 1,500 years. One of the most popular attractions of Estonia — Rakvere Castle, which was built in the 16th century. The castle became a kind of medieval theme Park where by the territory of wander dressed in traditional clothing people. You can watch the shining armor of knights, to attend the seminar alchemist and explore ancient wine cellar. In the castle of Schenkenberg Tavern you can enjoy a classic medieval dishes and traditional beer. A visit to the castle is an unforgettable way to experience the atmosphere of medieval Estonia.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. Фото

When most people imagine Estonia, is that few people think about the Islands. However, Hiiumaa — just one of several Islands just off the coast in the Baltic sea. To reach Hiiumaa, you can hop on a plane from Tallinn, or the ferry from the numerous coastal towns on the mainland. Equally beloved by surfers, sailors and travelers Hiiumaa is a great place for lovers of peace and quiet. On Hiiumaa is also some interesting lighthouses. Cast iron lighthouse Tahkuna of the 19th century and it is the highest in the country. The Kopu lighthouse, however, is much older and interesting in historical terms. Dating back to the 15th century COP is one of the oldest lighthouses on the planet.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. Фото

The Narva Castle
The city of Narva is the most Eastern area in the country, not to mention the entire European Union. The city suffered considerable bombing during the Second World war, but the beautiful historic Narva Castle have been preserved. The Narva castle was built by the Danes in the 13th century as the residence of the Vice-Regent of the King of Denmark. Today, it houses the Narva Museum, as well as a series of workshops on making Handicrafts. At these seminars you can watch and even learn the skills used in medieval times. The castle tower overlooks the Ivangorod on the Russian side of the river.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. Фото

At the meeting point of the river pärnu on the Gulf of Riga you’ll find the seaside resort city of pärnu is one of the main attractions of Estonia. Parnu known as the summer capital because it is here that many Estonians spend their summer vacation. The biggest reason to visit Parnu is the beach with wonderful white sand and gorgeous dunes. Walk along the shore helps to feel the traditional atmosphere of a coastal resort in the city. People enjoy coastal scenery, filling the embankment even after sunset. On a rainy day you can join the locals at the popular indoor water Park bee.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. Фото

The largest Estonian island in the Baltic sea called Saaremaa. The island has 8,000 years of history, during which it was ruled by Danes, Swedes, Germans and Russians. Today, most visitors spend their time in the island’s capital Kuressaare. In Kuressaare you can explore completely intact medieval castle on the territory of which now is a Regional Museum of Saaremaa. If You are interested in Hiking, sightseeing, bird-watching or photography, the Peninsula of Saaremaa sõrve — a spectacular scenic landmark for the study. Saaremaa is also included in a compilation of 10 amazing Islands in Europe.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. Фото

Lahemaa national Park
One of the most popular national parks in Estonia — Lahemaa. Due to the location only an hour drive from the capital, is a popular attraction of Estonia for a day trip. Viru Raba, Bog or Viru is required to view part of the Park. The trees were unusually growing right out of the boggy area, creating a mystical atmosphere. To facilitate the study of Wetlands Viru, laid a special 5-mile boardwalk from which you can admire the landscape in the immediate vicinity. In the middle of the Park is the village Sagadi — an exciting place where you can walk in Sagadi Manor and learn more about the culture and history of the region.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. Фото

The city of Tartu considered the intellectual center of the country due to the famous University of Tartu. In addition to the University and the fact that Tartu is the oldest city in the country, it is an interesting destination stores a number of outstanding attractions of Estonia. In its beautiful centre focused classically designed building of the 18th century, many of which are now used is quite innovative. One of the most fun attractions in Tartu district — soup. In the area of soup every street named in honor of soup, including potatoes, beans and peas. The banks of the river emajõgi preserved old wooden buildings lay in the streets, making the city even more authentic.

Самые интересные достопримечательности Эстонии. Фото

The most popular tourist attraction in Estonia is Tallinn, the capital and centre of medieval architecture in the country. The heart of the city is Toompea. The hill has preserved the historic atmosphere with cobbled streets and buildings of the 15th century. The area is remarkably well preserved and can be easily investigated on foot. From the top of Toompea views of much of the Old City. Some of the major landmarks of the Old City include the bustling shops on Viru Street, the town Hall of the 14th century and the impressive Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky 19th century

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