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The most interesting facts about Argentina. Photo

Самые любопытные факты об Аргентине. ФотоThe word “Argentina” means “land of silver”.

Argentina declared independence from Spain on 9 July 1816.

Current President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner – the first woman President of Argentina, elected by the voting results, an interesting fact.

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Fun fact: if during a conversation with someone You will twist a finger at a temple, it will give to know the person that You thought. The rest of the world this gesture with Your hand will point to the stupidity of Your interlocutor.

Argentina is the 32nd largest country in the world by population, with a population of over 41 million people.

Interesting fact: at the moment, Argentina is one of the world’s leading wine producers. Wine country history began even in the sixteenth century, and every year came out to new markets beyond Argentina.

Argentina was one of the first countries in the world where there was broadcasting. The first broadcast was made on 27 August 1920. Her audience was 20 people, an interesting fact.

In Argentina a very good level of literacy ~97,9%, making it one of the leaders in the region, and defines 58th place on this indicator in the world.

Cinema is very popular among the Argentine population. This is confirmed by the record attendance at cinemas and buy DVDs with the films, is an interesting fact.

Самые любопытные факты об Аргентине. Фото

The total area of the country is 2 766 890 km2, which corresponds to 8 place in the world!

The official religion of Argentina is Catholicism (77% of the population). Also, quite a number of Protestants ~10%.

Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina. The city’s population is 2.9 million people, and the area of 202 km2. Until the XVII century the town was a long name “Ciudad de la Santsima Trinidad y Puerto de Nuestra Seora de Santa Mara de los Buenos Aires”.

Interesting fact about Argentina: the capital’s name translates as “good wind” or “pure air”, but the correct way is still the last option.

It is interesting to know that Argentina is among the countries with the highest average life expectancy. On average, men live 74 years and women 80 years, with a total of ~77 years.

Aconcagua is not only the highest point of the country, but also the highest mountain of South America. The height of 6960 m, an interesting fact.

The Argentine Spanish dialect called “Lunfardo”. However, sounding dialect more similar to Italian.

Самые любопытные факты об Аргентине. Фото

Argentina is among the three largest world producers of beef.

In Argentina women occupy the first place in the world in number of plastic surgeries.

Interesting fact for all cartoon lovers: the world’s first animated films were created by a man named Quirino Cristiani in 1917. His cartoon “El Apostol” consisted of 58 thousand frames and lasted for 70 minutes! It derided the corruption and immorality of Buenos Aires at the time.

Ushuaia – the southernmost city in the world, located in Tierra del Fuego. Its population is over 57 million people. Despite its unique geographical position, Ushuaia is not subjected to extreme weather conditions. The climate is mild and excellent for a normal life, an interesting fact.

In Argentina there are more than 750 thousand illegal migrants.

Самые любопытные факты об Аргентине. Фото

Pato is the national sport in Argentina. It is a combination of Polo and basketball.

Interesting fact about Argentina: the Constitution requires that the President and Vice-President must be Catholics.

Energetic dance “tango” appeared in the middle of the XIX century in Argentina.

Argentina is one of the founding members of the UNPO, as well as such international organizations as the world trade organization and the world Bank.

Argentina may boast the world’s largest number of psychiatrists per capita! In Buenos Aires there is even a psychoanalytic district “Ville Freud”. On average 100 thousand inhabitants 150 psychologists. Far behind were Denmark with a figure of 85 psychologists, an interesting fact.

Самые любопытные факты об Аргентине. Фото

The most popular sport in Argentina is football. The country is famous for talented and legendary players. At the moment, FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team plays the best player in the world, winner of dozens of awards and titles, the record for goals scored and the master of the technical game Lionel Messi. This amazing player is often called “the second Maradona” and a new legend of world football.

Interesting fact: Argentina is one of the few Latin American countries with independent media. At the moment there are more than 200 Newspapers and magazines.

Самые любопытные факты об Аргентине. Фото

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