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The most incredible places in the Solar system. Photo

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. ФотоGeysers South pole of Saturn’s moon Enceladus and other “attractions”..

Sometimes it is not easy to decide where to go on vacation. After all, many people want to go where the stunningly beautiful scenery and no crowds of tourists, where you do not need a passport and there is no need to vaccinate. But really, these places a huge number – enough to raise his head and look up at the sky and … to wait until technology reached a level that allows you to make such excursions.

1. Plain Heat

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. Фото

Plain Heat on mercury is one of the largest shock structures in the Solar system. About 4 billion years ago a large asteroid, such as those that led to the formation of “seas” on the moon crashed into the planet mercury and formed the plain Heat impact crater with a diameter of 1 550 km. the Inner part of this plain is replete with high ridges and deep fissures, and it is surrounded by the highest mountains of mercury, the peaks of which soar into the sky at 3 km. Also here you can find a lot of the holes from which lava erupts, indicating a period of active volcanism.

2. The Sea Of Tranquility

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. Фото

The moon
The solar system is not only huge craters and majestic vistas. You can visit a truly historic place where the ship landed “Apollo 11”. We are talking about the Sea of tranquility on the moon, 20 July 1969 Neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin became the first humans, the leg that contacts the surface of another world. However, to walk there is accurate, because the footprints remain in the lunar dust for millions of years.

3. Valley Of The Mariner

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. Фото

Valles Marineris, the largest system of canyons on Mars. On Earth used to be considered a huge Grand canyon in the USA, which stretches for 450 km in length, with a depth of approximately 2 km. However, compared to the Mariner valleys (named after who discovered it in 1971 spacecraft “Mariner-9”) it just looks like a ditch.

This system of canyons on Mars extends for 4500 km (width of 200 km and a depth of 11 km). It is assumed that the valley of the Mariner may be a fault system that separates the two continental plates. If so, Mars and Earth are the only planets whose surface was formed due to the movement of tectonic plates.

4. The Volcano Olympus

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. Фото

Olympus – the largest volcano (extinct) in the Solar system. Its diameter at the base is 700 km, while the Olympus rises above the surrounding plain of Tharsis on 22 km. we will Remind that the largest volcano on Earth – Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Its diameter is 120 km, and a height of 9 km (although most of the volcano hidden under the water).

5. The great Red spot

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. Фото

The great Red Spot – the biggest atmospheric vortex in the Solar system. This giant round red storm twice the size of Earth. And, even more incredibly, she does not cease and is not showing even signs of weakening for hundreds of years (the Great red spot has been observed continuously since 1878).

The whole system rotates every seven days (on the edge the wind speed is 400 km/h). Vortex “floats” above the clouds of Jupiter and nobody knows how far he descends deep into the planet’s atmosphere. He sometimes changes the color from orange-red to gray (when it partially closed the white clouds, floating at a higher altitude). What does this giant red spot is unknown.

6. IO

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. Фото

the Jupiter
Jupiter has four large satellites called the Galilean satellites (in honor of the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, who discovered them in 1610). Because IO is closest to Jupiter, the tidal effects shrink the moon like a rubber ball, strongly heating it. This energy is released in the form of spectacular volcanic eruptions of silicate lava.

Due to its current 400 active volcanoes, IO is the first place beyond Earth where there is volcanic activity. These eruptions are so numerous that IO have completely changed the surface every few millennia. The surface of this unusual companion painted in orange, white and yellow shades with a very high content of sulfur and its compounds.

7. Europe

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. Фото

the Jupiter
Europe is another Galilean satellite, but it was covered in ice. Its surface is smooth with few impact craters, indicating that Europe is very young. Scientists very intrigued by the question of what is below the surface of the ice. It is assumed that the thickness of the ice cover is around 150 km, and may be an ocean of liquid water.

8. The Rings Of Saturn

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. Фото

The rings of Saturn are one of the most clearly visible planetary objects in the Solar system. They have a diameter of 270 000 km, but it is amazingly thin (their thickness is only 100 metres). The rings consist of many particles of rocks and dust, and lie within what is known as the Roche limit (the radius within tidal forces caused by the planet’s gravity, balanced by its own gravity).

9. South polar geysers of Enceladus

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. Фото

Saturn’s moon
The brightest moon of Saturn, Enceladus has a smooth surface covered with ice. However, the South pole is the area of the “tiger stripes” – a few mountain ranges, where spewing giant geysers, jets that hit thousands of kilometers into space and forming one of Saturn’s rings. Geysers, probably eat out of the ocean of liquid water under the ice.

10. Hawaiian volcanic Islands

Самые невероятные места в Солнечной системе. Фото

After travelling through the Solar system, it is time to return from the vast chasms of the Valles Marineris and the ice geysers of Enceladus to Earth. There are also many beautiful places that worth to be highlighted to the volcanic island of Hawaii. The volcanoes here are not as huge as Olympus, but they are conveniently located near paved roads, beautiful hotels, fine restaurants and fabulous beaches.

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