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The most incredible discoveries made in 2016. Photo

Самые невероятные открытия, сделанные в 2016 году. ФотоFrom year to year in our lives, strange, and sometimes unbelievable events.

And 2016 is no exception in this regard.

The fuel, warmed up interest to mysteries of the Bermuda triangle

Самые невероятные открытия, сделанные в 2016 году. Фото

Norwegian scientists close to unraveling the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle after discovering a number of unusual craters in the Barents sea. The mysterious disappearance of ships and planes in the Bermuda triangle they associate it with the emergence of such craters. Scientists explain that the craters could be formed due to the explosion of large quantities of methane, causing the ocean warms up, and the ship is sinking in the water c a high content of gas. In turn, this creates a strong vortex in the atmosphere, which crash-land the aircraft.

300-year-old mummy of a little girl opened his eyes

Самые невероятные открытия, сделанные в 2016 году. Фото

It is a paranormal phenomenon has occurred in the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Mexico, where believers were exhibited the relics of the Holy Inosine, who died a Martyr’s death. One of the visitors of the Cathedral filmed the mummy of a child and accidentally captured the moment when the girl’s mummy opened for a few seconds eyes. Commenting on the incident, cardinal Juan Francisco Robles said, “As you know, canonical saints make miracles, and this is one of them.”

A giant stone ball

Самые невероятные открытия, сделанные в 2016 году. Фото

Huge stone ball discovered in mid-March 2016 archaeologist Away Osmanagich in Bosnia, has generated a lot of debate about whether it created by people long extinct ancient civilization or is it the result of the work of mother nature.

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The ancient Romans before the Vikings reached the New world

Самые невероятные открытия, сделанные в 2016 году. Фото

Near East coast of Canada, off the coast of oak island, Nova Scotia, found the subject similar to the Roman sword. The finding indicates that before the second century on this earth untouched by the ancient Romans. This, at least 800 years before the landing of the Vikings, which are now considered the first contact between the Old and the New world. In addition to the sword, there are other artifacts confirming the presence of Roman stone with inscriptions in an ancient language, spoken in the Roman Empire, mounds in ancient Roman style, crossbow bolts (laboratory analysis confirmed that they originate from ancient Iberia), coins that were in circulation in the Roman Empire, etc.

Father Crespi and his mysterious collection

Самые невероятные открытия, сделанные в 2016 году. Фото

Story collected by father Crespi collection of artifacts (a total of over seventy thousand items), are still shrouded in mystery. The Indians of Ecuador gave gifts to the good preacher, thus expressing their gratitude. It was religious artifacts: figurines, ceremonial objects, weapons, ceramics, jewelry, ancient number systems, religious icons, elongated skulls, shrunken human heads, there was a metal plate with inscriptions in an unknown language. Some products cannot be attributed to any known archaeological cultures of America.

The Sumerians launched space ships

Самые невероятные открытия, сделанные в 2016 году. Фото

At the opening of a new airport in the southern part of DHI QAR, the Minister of transport of Iraq has announced that 7,000 years ago this area the ancient Sumerians built the first spaceports and launched spaceships to explore other planets. In support of his words, the Minister cited the work of Russian Professor Samuel Kramer, orientalist and leading kifishin the world, who wrote in his works about the amazing knowledge of the ancient Sumerians about space.

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A new telescope has found intelligent objects in antimatter

Самые невероятные открытия, сделанные в 2016 году. Фото

In a new report published in the latest issue of American Journal of modern physics, refers to the striking observation is the newly developed telescope with concave lenses found objects in the earth’s environment is invisible to our eyes and for conventional Galileo telescope with convex lenses. Even more surprising is the fact that these objects, as noted, moved “reasonably” in the night sky. The discovery was made by Dr. Ruggero Santilli – Creator of a new type of telescope designed for observations of antimatter.

Noah’s ark was shaped like a pyramid

Самые невероятные открытия, сделанные в 2016 году. Фото

According to a recently digitized fragment of the Dead sea scrolls, there is evidence that the famous ark had the shape of a pyramid. In the laboratory of the Israel antiquities authority were scanned tens of thousands of fragments of scrolls, and sophisticated technology has allowed scientists to read, even illegible letters and words. Managed to read several words, including “height of the ark” and “nauseam”, which means “gathering”. According to the researcher Dr. Alexey Hudeckova, this means that the ribs of the ark were gathered together at the top in the shape of a pyramid.

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