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The most impressive optical illusions 2016. Photo

Самые впечатляющие оптические иллюзии 2016 года. ФотоThey are like a virus spread in the network, and they is often shared in social networks.

Many of these illusions have become the winners of the contest Best Illusion of 2016.

Here are some of the best and tricky optical illusions 2016.

1. In this illusion you can see how moving points form a square.

Actually the points do not move, and it’s really confusing.

2. This ambiguous cylindrical illusion can seriously confuse your brain. If you see squares on top of the cylinders, the mirror will reflect the circumference and Vice versa.

In this case, it’s all in the angles at which we look, and the cylinders are uneven, not a flat top.
3. In this illusion uses the principle of the Zoetrope. The device creates the illusion of flying birds inside the cylinder, although it is not there.

4. On this illusion the grey bubbles on which you concentrate, become colorful.

You see bubbles of different sizes gray. Then you will see 4 of the same colored circle.

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After some time the gray bubbles and colorful circles will begin to change each other.

You need to concentrate on the “+” sign in the center of the screen.

Bubbles of different sizes produce residual images of different colors. These colors are not on the screen – it’s just an illusion.

5. For this illusion you need a partner.

It’s a tactile illusion related to touch anticipation.

Ask someone to reach out and slowly slide your finger in the direction of the crook of the elbow of a person. The human eye thus closed, he needs to say “stop” when the partner reached the crook of the elbow. In many cases there has been an “error of anticipation”, and people will erroneously identify the position of the bend of the elbow.

6. In this illusion, if two rectangles are flashing at the same time, you will see how it happens at the same time.

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You can, as shown in the video, to change the surrounding background to make your brain think that they are not synchronized.

Optical illusion: an optical illusion

7. Hidden cell phone misled many Internet users this year.

Самые впечатляющие оптические иллюзии 2016 года. Фото

8. Blue and green colors in this spiral are actually the same color.

Самые впечатляющие оптические иллюзии 2016 года. Фото

9. In this illusion it is necessary to notice something unusual on the brick wall. Many users took a long time to understand that here not so.

Самые впечатляющие оптические иллюзии 2016 года. Фото

10. And that wooden balls, and there are no magnets. Be ready that your brain will not be able to digest this information.

11. This roof is curved or convex? The illusion has been called “controversial garage roof” and was a finalist in last year contest best illusion of the year.

12. This image embracing couples also caused many to break down. If you look closely, you will notice that this pair of shorts is not okay.

Самые впечатляющие оптические иллюзии 2016 года. Фото

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