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The most important machine in the history of the automotive industry

Самые значимые машины в истории автоиндустрии The vehicle, made a big contribution to the history of the automobile.

At the auto show in Detroit, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the new G-Class: the appearance of the cult of the SUV have remained virtually unchanged, but changed features: thanks to new technologies, vehicle weight dropped to 170 lbs. ground clearance increased to 241 mm, which allows to overcome Gelendwagen 700 mm Brody, and the electronic G-mode significantly expands its capabilities off-road.

Established in 1979 as a vehicle for the army of Iran, Gelendwagen was soon reoriented to the civilian market and quickly began to grow comfortable options. In 1989, Mercedes-Benz introduced the first “luxury” version of the car — thus, the G-Class became the founder of blockbuster today class Luxury SUV. Forbes says other vehicles that have become significant landmarks in the history of the automotive industry.

Самые значимые машины в истории автоиндустрии


Speaking of SUVs, it is impossible to ignore domestic “Field”. It was developed in 1977 for the rural inhabitants of the Soviet Union as an alternative “urban” to “Zhiguli”. Comfortable SUV with a stylish “cars” appearance was the first machine of this kind — the ancestor of a whole class SUV. Still Lada 4X4 is the most popular abroad Russian vehicle.

Самые значимые машины в истории автоиндустрии

Rolls-Royce Phantom II Shooting Brake

Surprisingly, the world’s first station wagon was created on the basis of the luxurious British sedan. For some reason the “native” body of one of the cars fell into disrepair and it was decided to replace the large wooden “shed”. In 1930-e years, just gained popularity the style Woody — wood finish. The wagon was positioned as a car for wealthy hunters: it was easy to load dogs, guns and equipment, as well as the extracted game. The name Shooting Brake caught on and came to mean a wagon-coupe

Самые значимые машины в истории автоиндустрии

Volkswagen Golf

Golf class or “lower middle class” for 40 years, enjoys crazy demand, and it received its name in honor of the Volkswagen Golf — the most successful car in the history of the German company. Body type 3-door hatchback was drawn by Giorgetto Giugiaro, after 20 years, he will be honored “Car designer of the century”. The release of the first-generation Golf began in 1979, and the last such car was assembled at the factory to South Africa in 2009, making the original Golf one of the most long-lived cars in the world. Total produced more than 25 million copies.

Самые значимые машины в истории автоиндустрии

Fiat 600 Multipla

The classic vans era came to an end: they replaced a large SUV and MPV “multi-purpose” cars on the basis of universal. However, until recently the vans “did the cashier” for one of the largest car markets in the world – in the United States. Interestingly, the founder of as minivans and MPV subclass has not been successful neither one nor the other — Multipla on a conveyor belt lasted only 4 years. It seemed, for the success he had it all: a great platform inexpensive Fiat 600, a charming appearance, sophisticated layout, but unsuccessfully Multipla was ahead of its time.

Самые значимые машины в истории автоиндустрии

Renault 16

The French brand managed to establish the class, which has become the most popular in the world — Renault has released the first hatchback. The original and often controversial engineering solutions are the hallmark of the French automotive industry this model, for example, was asymmetric: the wheelbase on the left side of the body by 70 mm larger than the right. However, the popularity of cars is not affected: Renault 16 earned the title of “European car of 1966,” and remained in production for 15 years.

Самые значимые машины в истории автоиндустрии

Audi Duo

Another model a little ahead of their time — developed in 1989, the Duo became one of the first hybrids, largely predetermined the development of such vehicles. Judge for yourself: the driver could turn off the gasoline engine and drive on electric up to 80 km at a speed of 52 km/h is quite acceptable for a city. The inclusion of DVS are also activated four-wheel drive — “donor” Duo was the Quattro model. Car roof located solar panels. Although several hybrids were transferred to taxis for sea trials, Audi still did not dare to run Duo in a major series. Maybe – at that time, Toyota was working on hybrid Prius, which was released in 1997 and captured the market.

Самые значимые машины в истории автоиндустрии

Buick 70 Roadmaster

American luxury sedan was the first car, serially equipped with automatic transmission — the value of this cannot be overstated. Dynaflow transmission with torque Converter installed as an option on the machine for the first post-war years, however, it soon became so popular that in 1949 was included in the list of standard equipment Roadmaster and was offered for an additional cost on the Junior Buick models.

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