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The most important inventions of 2017. Photo

Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. ФотоTaking stock of the year.

Spinners, Iphone X , Tesla Model 3 electric car in 2017 gave us many interesting inventions and gadgets. We offer to your attention the top ten products and devices, which have become breakthroughs of the year.

Spinners, Iphone X , Tesla Model 3 electric car in 2017 gave us many interesting inventions and gadgets. We offer to your attention the top ten products and devices, which have become breakthroughs of the year.


Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. Фото

During the spring and until the end of the summer the world was dominated by real spinaroonie. A seemingly ordinary toy antistress, but in 2017 it was played in the hands of virtually everyone, from office workers to children of preschool age. The idea of creating this whirlings credited with Katherine Hettinger, which in the early 90s decided to come up with a toy that, according to one version, could distract the children from the aggressive thoughts, and for the second spinner she invented for her daughter, who was suffering from myasthenia gravis ERB-Goldflam (an autoimmune disease that causes the syndrome of pathological muscle fatigue).

However, if the invention Hettinger not had much success and forgot about it until the end of 2016, while in Forbes magazine appeared an article in which the journalist of the edition posted Plfc called spinners “mandatory office toy in 2017”. Then they started talking about social networking and popular resources as Youtube users began to upload videos of various stunts with this thing.

Nintendo Switch

Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. Фото

This game console is considered to be a revolution in the gaming industry, because previously the gamers had to choose how to play: in front of the TV or with a tiny screen in his hands. Now the problem is Nintendo Switch that can be used as a portable device, wide-screen GameBoy, a console with a small TV, if the hands to take the joysticks, and it is put on a chair (for those who missed the 90-m), or using the dock, this gadget can be connected to large screens. But this device’s possibilities are not exhausted. This is the first gaming system that works anywhere and everywhere.

As regards the technical characteristics, the main element of the console’s 6 – inch tablet with two side detachable controllers. Works well this console is from 3 to 6 hours offline. But if You are sad, then using wifi you can connect to 8 other Nintendo Switch. Pleasant is the fact that this platform has its own online gaming service which will be free until at least spring 2018.

Apple iPhone X

Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. Фото

It so happened that Apple products waiting, as of something Grand, some sort of breakthrough in technology. The latest iPhone is no exception and is the most modern phone on the market. A device just recently: global sales started on 3 November, while in Ukraine he will officially be as much as 8 December, but it now says in fact, every second, someone can’t get enough of the novelty, and some are mercilessly criticized.

With regard to the important features of the iPhone X, then it is worth to highlight the technology Face ID (facial recognition system), a modified version of the modern release of the iOS operating system (11.0.1), frameless screen and processor Apple A11 Bionic Neural, which is “hidden” in the neural system.

Adidas Futurecraft 4D

Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. Фото

I think you cannot print sneakers!? And the Adidas company has established the world’s first production sport shoes, which was printed on a 3D printer. Note that this is not the first such experiments on the part of the representatives of well-known brand, however Futurecraft 4D is undoubtedly considered to be a very ambitious project.

Helped the German textile industry experts from the American company Carbon, which actually has developed a unique technology for Continuous Production Liquid Interface (CLIP). This technology provides the possibility of three-dimensional printing using polymeric materials that harden when exposed to light. In particular, Futurecraft 4D uses liquid polymer resin, and ultraviolet radiation. According to scientists, the result is much more robust and more elastic than the plastic counterparts made by casting under pressure. In addition, the sneakers can be an infinite number of times individually adjusted to each customer.

Tesla Model 3

Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. Фото

If You don’t have electric cars, then Tesla goes to You. So, green technology is the trend today, as cars with internal combustion engines slowly turning into archaic. The brainchild of the company Ilona Mask intended to implement it.

The latest model of the popular electric car in the world is able to travel without recharging up to 500 kilometers. In addition, the Tesla Model 3 is one of the most streamlined cars. There are the usual instrument panel, and all situated on a large 15-inch touchscreen. In the basic configuration also includes dual-zone climate control, Keyless entry, Wi-Fi, 8 airbags and automatic braking system. As for speed, it’s a miracle to overcome a hundred in 5.6 seconds and accelerates up to a maximum of 210 kilometers per hour.

Smart column Amazon Echo (second generation)

Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. Фото

“Alex, what’s the weather today?” all goes to that soon such issues will be familiar to every second inhabitant of the planet. Amazon has become a pioneer in the production of smart columns, using power of the voice assistant, Alexa, who is also the development of the company. After the success of the Amazon Echo similar to create wanted and other technological monsters. Thus, the market has already appeared on Google Home, but soon the company will make him HomePod Apple and Samsung.

New from Amazon boasts an updated design, the best sound properties (as a speaker and voice recognition), and even the ability to call.


Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. Фото

Probably the best thing that ever happened among the 4K TVs in 2017. Why not!? A 55-inch OLED screen that gives an unrivalled picture, ultra-thin design and easy operating system.

The uniqueness of this TV is that there is no separate backlight, and each pixel is able to glow independently. To feel in the midst of a movie or sporting event will help the technology Dolby Atmos.

To manage this development from LG and smartphone. There is a power saving function.

Drone DJI Spark

Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. Фото

The ambiguity of this invention is not only its tiny size but also in ease of management: for DJI Spark actually doesn’t need a remote, and it can be controlled with the hands, or smartphone. Also called a selfie-drone, as it is a great alternative to the selfie-stick, and the photos will be more varied and more professional. By the way, this quadcopter can shoot both vertically and horizontally.

In addition, DJI Spark is Packed with many smart features. For example, the innovative technology HD Wi-Fi allows you to transmit video in real time with a resolution of 720p at a distance of 2 kilometres. And fly this gadget can on the street and indoors, and help him in the same GEO, which will tell you whether flight is safe.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. Фото

We can confidently say that this is one of the most stylish laptops on the market, and all thanks to its minimalist design. Perfection your Surface Laptop is added and the materials from which it is made: the lid and the lower part, dense aluminum, and the display is covered with protective glass.

Although Microsoft this development is positioned as a laptop for students and office workers, its performance is enough for many applications. By the way, here’s operating system is Windows 10’s by the end of 2017, you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

Among the advantages there were several cameras, including infrared, which allows you to recognize faces in the Windows system Hello, which creates the ability to quickly unlock the laptop, and 13.5-inch IPS touch screen.

The Super Sponge Deurex Pure

Самые важные изобретения 2017 года. Фото

If you think this invention is intended for cleaning contaminated surfaces in the house, then You are wrong, but partially. Using Pure can, in particular, to solve much more serious problems such as oil spills and chemicals. The fact that the sponge can absorb the weight of almost seven times more than her own, and this makes it the ideal tool to eliminate similar accidents in the garage and on the water.

This innovative superweapon is a synthetic wax, which accidentally created Hatched Gunther and his team at the German company Deurex. According to the developers, they worked to create a new type micronized wax, but one of the scientists left for the night the machine with the wrong settings. Therefore, in the morning the floor was covered by a loose fibrous substance.

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