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The most humane court in the world

Самый гуманный суд в мире

The US has filed a lawsuit against China, accusing him of deliberate spread of the coronavirus. The most interesting that thus the American authorities intend to sue the PRC a huge amount of money (we can talk about $ 6 trillion).

Самый гуманный суд в мире

In connection with this situation many people somehow have decided that this fight will benefit Russia, but what? The answer is unclear.

Самый гуманный суд в мире

As you know, Americans believe that China deliberately concealed the fact of detection of an exotic virus. Moreover, in case of victory of the United States, the court may be able to arrest property of Chinese companies, which are located in the States. Here anyone will become clear what the scandal will lead the Sino-American clash. One of the companies that submitted to the court in China, serves the electoral campaign of trump (hardly a coincidence). Even the President of the United States and not voiced these accusations in person, this may well be his style. It is worth remembering only the constant cries of “Europe must pay for it”, “Mexico had to pay for it” or “Venezuela must pay for all”.

Самый гуманный суд в мире

Besides, we all know how trump refers to China: the head of the States is sincerely convinced that China is the focus of evil, threatening the economic interests of the world countries. It is worth noting that the slogan “the Chinese must pay” like his constituents. At the same time, in China, many are actively promoting the idea that the Americans planted in the country of the ill-fated infection. Most likely, this information war is waged by the Chinese authorities on inertia, and not because they are trying to hide something or prove. However, the most terrible here is not the clash between China and the United States, and the fact that the American authorities in absentia to judge other Nations, even for the very alleged damage, and then feel entitled to collect huge sums of money allegedly Americans for the losses.

Самый гуманный суд в мире

By the way, in China, and in Moscow the similar behavior of the United States believe the blatant arrogance, accompanied by violation of the foundations of international law. However, it is unknown what will turn these trials, however, one thing is clear: another political scandal provided us.

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