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The most harmful snacks: what not to eat hunger

Самые вредные перекусы: чем нельзя заедать голодWhat harmful snacks we find useful.

Not all food is useful for a snack. We decided to compile a list of hazardous products that should not pamper themselves.

Cake cheese
It seems that such a snack there is nothing wrong, and he’s even useful, because the same cheese. This product contains a lot of sugar and fat, so a serving of 40 g to about 220 kcal.

Packaged juices
If you want to drink, it is best to brew tea or drink of water. It will be more useful than packaged juices. Natural juice in them is almost there. And all we drink is fruit juice concentrate with added sugar and citric acid. And sometimes flavors and colors.

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Many people who don’t eat bread, so as not to harm the figure, pass on the bread. Of course, if it’s properly made bread from wheat flour, they are useful for the body. But not always in the composition of bread to this meal. In addition, to make the bread more palatable, they add preservatives, flavors, sweeteners, which does not contributes to the good functioning of the body.

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Granola bars
No matter how much we tried to advertise this snack, still eat something else would be better. First, muesli bars saturate the body for half an hour, and then again you want something to eat (this happens because it contains fast carbs, provoking a sharp rise of insulin in the blood). Second, in one candy bar can contain up to 300 calories.

Cereal is convenient, but harmful! In addition, 100 g may contain about 500 calories.

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