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The most harmful habits for eyes

Самые вредные привычки для глазThe doctors told me what not to do if you want to have excellent vision.

The eyes are very delicate sense organ, about which we never think until it’s too late. But first sign of trouble with eyes cause panic. Still, who would like the prospect to lose vision! Surprisingly, most of us are daily subjecting your eyes to serious and unpleasant load. The key to health lies only in standard care, there’s nothing to it. Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary hazards: eliminate from your lifestyle these seven most unpleasant to the eye habits.

To sleep in lenses. Sleeping in contact lenses is harmful. Even a special night lenses block the access of oxygen to the cornea, often leading to infections and even ulcers. Doctors advise to remove the lens and with a short day stay.

Skip prevention. Very few people bother to check your vision annually. And absolutely nothing even different from nature vision may deteriorate with age, especially because the prerequisites for this in the modern world abound. Doctors recommend to arrange a maintenance inspection at least once a year.

To sit all the time in the heat. Notice, how frustrating eyes in indoor shopping centres? This is because the air is very dry. In the winter the same thing happens at your home: because of the work of heating devices protective layer of the liquid in the eyes evaporate.

Neglected points. Need sunglasses even in winter. Well, that is cold? Reflected from the snow the sun’s rays more dangerous and can cause burns of the cornea, skin cancer and cataracts.

To read lying down. Yes, this is familiar to many from childhood fact and in fact has a scientific basis. When reading lying down the muscles of the fundus tense up more and at unusual angles, which leads to rapid development of myopia.

Smoking. Recently the doctors have found that Smoking is a serious danger not only for light but for vision. The fact that Smoking increases the risk of macular degeneration and Yes, it’s possible to go blind.

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