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The most harmful foods for the brain

Самые вредные продукты для работы мозгаThey inhibit brain activity.

Fear of problems with memory and concentration? Probably you know that avocado, blueberries and dark chocolate stimulate brain activity. But there are products that cause brain damage.

If you want to always have a clear mind, limit in diet products, inhibiting brain activity.

Foods that harm the brain

If blood sodium exceeds the permitted limit, the transmission of nerve impulses is disrupted, which has an inhibitory effect on the brain.

Excess sugar consumption can lead not only corrupt figure. The attention deficit disorder, learning difficulties, absent-mindedness — satellites of the sweet life.

Animal fats
In fatty meat has a lot cholesterol low density. Excessive consumption of animal fats leads to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Blockage of blood vessels and the cerebral circulation — that’s what awaits those who often indulge themselves in fatty pork steak.

Crackers and chips
Excessive consumption of these products is poisoning our brains. Especially love the crunch various snacks children. This food is difficult to the brain and reduces mental ability. Be on the lookout!

The detrimental effect of alcohol on the brain is undeniable. Worse, the consequences of abuse of alcohol by parents have an impact on their children. Even single doses of alcohol in large quantity block the normal processes of the brain.

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