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The most gorgeous cosplays Monsterpalooza 2017!

A few dozen photos with a freakin ‘ awesome cosplays! The worst, the funniest, the best quality — the best!

What is Monsterpalooza? According to Guillermo Del Toro, for example, is the convent of monsters, of which he had dreamed since childhood. Agree, this man’s opinion worth something. Well, and visitors believe it is simply the best horror Convention in the world. And they have a good reason for this. The event is dedicated primarily to the creation of horror, practical effects and makeup, so every spring in Los Angeles for Monsterpalooza attracts thousands of cosplayers, thousands of Amateurs and professionals in makeup to show what they can do.

The theme of the cosplay is extremely broad, and even in our selection of the best possible to see the classics like Frankenstein’s Monster or scenes from “the Birds” of Hitchcock, and next to flaunt such iconic characters like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, leatherface and Pinhead, and yet there are heroes of modern horror, from the TV series “American horror story” and “Very strange things”, for example. And of course, how much to do without nurses from “silent hill”, right? In short, dozens of films, dozens of characters, and that’s just here in our collection of all the coolest, and at the Convention there were thousands of them! Besides, designers and cosplayers do not get tired to be creative: there is a completely original monsters.

Heck, there are even Putin with trump and Kim Jong-UN!

And still say that it’s not cool? Not every film can be seen, so creative and professional make-up, so luxury monsters that scare and delight the eye at the same time. We are excited and looking forward to Monsterpalooza 2018.

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