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The most famous takers in the history of mankind. Photo

Самые известные взяточники в истории человечества. ФотоAt all times and in all countries there is such a thing as bribery.

For centuries, everyone knows exactly how to solve the “sensitive” questions in circumvention of the law. Here are just a small bribe-takers behind bars, and on the pages of history. About five well-known bribe-takers and will be discussed further in the review.

1. Prince Alexander Menshikov - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Самые известные взяточники в истории человечества. Фото

Peter I was called the companion of Alexander Danilovich Menshikov for his “mischievous, but loyal” right hand. And all because Prince was on the take in incredible amounts. When Menshikov commanded troops during the Northern war and approached the next town, he sent back the messengers with an offer to pay in exchange for the fact that his soldiers are not looting. So he got a huge amount from Hamburg, lübeck, Mecklenburg, gdańsk. Curiously, these funds are almost fully settled in the pocket of His lordship.

When Alexander Menshikov directed the construction of St. Petersburg and Kronstadt, the Treasury on demand allocated a fabulous sum. Needless to say, that the Prince had ordered them at its discretion. It is noteworthy that Peter the great turned a blind eye to all the fraud your pet. He was not afraid of punishment for bribery and embezzlement of public funds, which overtook others. Peter I Menshikov was appreciated for his ability to think big.

When the throne was occupied by Peter II, Menshikov was unsweetened. In 1727 he was sent to Ranenburg, deprived of all land and wealth. And they were many: six cities, hundreds of villages, 90 thousand farmers. In addition, the disgraced Prince seized several million rubles in cash, 3 treasure chest and 105 pounds of tableware made of pure gold. A lot of savings Menshikov remained in the banks of London and Amsterdam.
2. The Empress’s favorite Ernst Johann Biron

Самые известные взяточники в истории человечества. Фото

The favorite of Empress Anna Ioannovna Ernst Johann Biron, who arrived with her from Courland, was a place to roam. Using a special arrangement of the Queen, Biron allowed himself to pull off shady deals in the entire country. To him were government officials (not with empty hands), begging for permission of Anna Ivanovna in a particular case.

Two hundred thousand thalers “perepalo” Biron because he prevented a Russian-French Alliance. The British, meanwhile, had the opportunity duty free transit trade through Russia with the countries of the East. Because of this, the Treasury has suffered huge losses, and Biron has been enriched once again.
When the Empress did not, the favourite was sent into exile, but not forever. Emperor Peter III, who really loved all the German, Biron returned to the court.
3. Chinese eunuch Liu Jin

Самые известные взяточники в истории человечества. Фото

The tenth Chinese Emperor of the Ming dynasty zhengde’s, who ruled in the early sixteenth century, became famous not for special services, and for closer to the government, the poor eunuch Liu Jin. While the Emperor in the clothes of a commoner walking the streets of Beijing, the eunuch ran in his name.

Preserved written evidence about the huge bribes that he took Liu Jin. The only opportunity to see the Emperor, the officials laid out a eunuch for a few thousand gold. Some time later, there was another eunuch who also wanted to be the pet of the Emperor. At one of the feasts he whispered zhengde’s that Liu Jin allegedly preparing a conspiracy against him. During the search of the eunuch seized 251 million ounces of silver – an immense wealth in those days. Moreover, Liu Jin built for itself a Palace superior to the Imperial. Excessively greedy eunuch was executed.
4. The French diplomat Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-périgord

Самые известные взяточники в истории человечества. Фото

The name of the French diplomat Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord became synonymous with cunning, unscrupulousness and corruption. This man was so clever and quirky that during the French revolution and after he swore allegiance to the various governments countless times. Talleyrand was in power under Napoleon, Louis XVIII, Louis-Philippe. When Russian troops occupied Paris Talleyrand with great respect, gave to Emperor Alexander I of their homes.

Selling information is one, the other Talleyrand earned 16.5 million francs. When the diplomat has departed to the other world, people mockingly asked: “Talleyrand died? How much he paid for it?”

5. The judge of the provincial order of Leontiy Pleshcheyev

Самые известные взяточники в истории человечества. Фото

In the XVII century in Moscow there lived the Governor and the judge of the provincial order of Leontiy Pleshcheyev. He administers “justice” in a special way. First his henchmen ferret out the financial position of citizens, and then most wealthy people were written slander with accusations of murder or theft. Not to bring the case to court, Leontiy Pleshcheyev generously took slandered from large bribes.

One day 2 Jun 1648, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, coming from the Trinity-Sergius Lavra to the Palace, was stopped by a crowd of people. They begged the Emperor to the place pleshcheeva assign “a good man”. The king promised to investigate, but the people made a lynching. The head of Zemsky prikaz was pelted with stones and dragged his dead body at the Moscow area.

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