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The most famous cartoons of all time. Photo

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. ФотоCartoons is what makes children’s lives more interesting and colorful, and the adult carries the child.

Among all the cartoons of the world the special position occupied by the films made by the Studio of Walt Disney.

Kind, beautiful and loved for many are Soviet and modern Russian cartoons.

Popular Disney cartoons

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

Most of all the quality cartoon for many years is manufactured by Disney. Its full name is the Walt Disney company. Giant cartoon industry was created by the Disney brothers in 1923. Initially it was a small animation Studio, today the company has achieved astounding heights. The word “Disney” means high quality.
For the first time this popular cartoon character like Mickey mouse appeared in Disney movies, only his name was Mortimer. With this mouse, Studio Walt Disney has become loved by kids.

Cartoon “Snow white and the seven dwarfs” released in 1937, the year has literally conquered the whole of America. Soon there were wonderful films about such characters as Dumbo, Pinocchio, Bambi.

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

In 1950, the year of the latest advances in technology and multiindustry company made the animated film of Cinderella. At the Berlin film festival he was named the best from a technical point of view, and the award “Golden bear”. One of the best cartoons include movies about Peter pan, Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty.

The first cartoon in the history of film awards “Oscar”, which was nominated for this award, was a cartoon, filmed at the Disney Studio. Talking about “beauty and the Beast”.

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

Among the best animated films of the Soviet film “the lion King”, “Mulan”, “Brave”, “Lilo and Stitch”, “Aladdin”. Disney World – the world of fairy tale, magic and goodness. Disney company gives an opportunity to plunge into the world of magic, fun stories and adventures.

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Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

The best Soviet cartoons

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

Adults and children of our country like Soviet cartoons. For adults it is warm memories of their childhood. Today’s children also enjoy watching these cartoons and I love them good characters.

Name all of the best Soviet cartoons impossible, as too many of them. You can list only some of the most popular. We all remember the animated series “Beware the monkey”, telling a hilarious story about five young monkeys. Does not need is the serial cartoon “the adventures of Leopold the cat”. There were plausible stories tells Baron Munchausen is the hero of the cartoon “adventures of Munchausen”. For many adults and today’s children’s favorite cartoon character is Carlson. About him shot such films as “Carlson has returned” and “the Kid and Carlson”.

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

A good story is told in the cartoon “Umka” “Umka looking for a friend”, where the main character is a white bear. Not to mention among the best Soviet animated series “Nu, pogodi!” Funny stories about the wolf and the hare loved by millions of viewers of all ages. Cartoon Winnie the Pooh and his friends, as well as about Cheburashka and crocodile Gena knew in the twentieth century, every child in the Soviet Union. These characters are one of the most favorite for modern kids.

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

It seems fun and funny little dwarf Bob, who lives in the forest and help the heroes of different fairy tales, saving them from the wolf. The name of the animated film “The smallest gnome”. Another Soviet cartoon series, recognized as one of the best, it’s a show about captain Vrungel and his assistant crowbar.

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Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

Teaches good cartoon “Boniface’s Holiday” and “Toptyzhka”, “Winter’s tale” and “Who said meow?”, “Strawberry rain” and “the Hare and Cosca spring” etc.

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

Popular modern Russian cartoons

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

Contemporary Russian cartoons made in the last twenty years, designed for the most part, the General public. They were happy to watch the adults with their children. It should be noted that today’s cartoons have an excellent graphics and interesting stories.

The most memorable was the cartoon “Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf”, “Dobrynya Nikitich and Zmey Gorynych”, “Belka and Strelka”, “Prince Vladimir”, “Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber”, etc. Especially funny and interesting cartoon film “About Fedota-Archer, swashbuckling young man.”

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

For viewers of a younger age was created a TV series about Luntik, about round characters Smeshariki, as well as the series “Masha and the Bear”, a favorite with almost all children without exception.

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

The most popular cartoon in the world

Самые известные мультфильмы всех времен. Фото

The most popular animated film in the world recognized the cartoon “Shrek”. The main character from the first glance it may seem scary, but while watching it becomes clear that green giant – real good man. The adventures of Shrek and his friends are so compelling that people want to watch a story about them.

According to numerous polls the audience, as well as when comparing different kinds of Tops, we can confidently say that cartoon about Shrek worthy to occupy the first position among the most popular animated films.

This film won many awards, has collected record donations, but most importantly – has become a favorite for many.

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