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The most fabulous villages of the world. Photo

Самые сказочные деревни мира. ФотоThere are many picturesque villages, which are more like places from fairy tales than in real communities.

Each of us has their own ideas about what the countryside and village centres. However, such settlements around the world differ greatly, and at the same time, they have something in common: clean air, a small number of people and a small cozy space. made a selection of 17 unusual and amazing villages that will win your heart and will be a highlight of any trip.

1. Hallstatt, Austria
(Hallstatt, Austria)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Bright, like toy houses perched in tiers on the hillside, turquoise lake with floating swans, Alps, which are reflected in the mirror water surface — all this gives the impression of fairy tales.
The population of Hallstatt is less than 1 000 people. A unique location: on a narrow strip of land between the majestic Alps and lake Hallstättersee.

2. Simian-La-Rotonde, Provence, France
(Simiane-La-Rotonde in Provence Village, France)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Blue skies, lavender fields, Alpine mountains, Mediterranean cuisine and the charm of the Provence — what else you need to relax? One of the attractions of this place are the castle ASU (Château des Agoult), built in the XII century. 12-coal pyramidal rotunda in the castle gave its name to the town. There are summer festivals of ancient music.

3. Rainbow village, Taichung, Taiwan
(Rainbow Village, Taichung, Taiwan)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

In one of the suburbs of Taichung was a military settlement, which eventually left almost all its inhabitants. The authorities decided to demolish the house, and the 86-year-old veteran of the war in order to save your yard from being torn down, painted the walls of the houses of different characters and patterns. Today it is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Taiwan.

4. Marsaxlokk, Malta
(Marsaxlokk, Malta)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Marsaxlokk is a picturesque fishing village in Malta. Storms in the Harbor, which is why a house of yellow Sandstone located close to the water, leaving only a strip for the roadway and pedestrian promenade. The population of Marsaxlokk only about 3 000 people. Most of the men are engaged in fishing the same as at the time of their fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers.

5. The floating Islands of Uros, Bolivia and Peru
(Floating Islands of Lake Titicac, Bolivia, Perú)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

On the border of Peru and Bolivia on the Titicaca lake lives a tribe of Uru, obzhivshie 42 floating Islands on the lake. These Islands build themselves Uru cane. It’s the same material people make boats, which go for fish. Despite the distance from civilization, on the reed Islands, you can see the solar panels, which allow local residents to watch TV.

6. Alberobello, Italy
(Alberobello, Italia)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Alberobello famous for the complex of 1 400 houses-Trulli, recognized by UNESCO as part of the historical and humanitarian heritage. Trulli — living peasant homes made of limestone — are the unique examples of buildings with walls of dry masonry (without mortar). The name they take from the Latin word trulla, which means dome.

7. Monsanto, Portugal
(Monsanto, Portugal)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

The small village of Monsanto bears the proud title of “the most Portuguese village of Portugal”. The local saying “Monsanto never know whether the stone is born of the house or the house of stone” reflects the uniqueness of the local architecture. Boulders serve as walls and roofs of some houses.
Small houses with red-tiled roofs hidden under the huge granite boulders and narrow streets as if carved from a stone giant.

8. Uchisar, Turkey
(Uchisar, Turkey)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Uchisar is one of the most densely populated villages of the area. A large part of the population, of course, lives in the modern village, near the broken rocks, but the dwelling is in the rocks themselves.
This one of a kind cave settlement with towers and spires of white tufa, arranged around a Central peak. On top of the rock offers a great view of the entire valley.

9. Rice terraces Longji, China
(Longji Rice Terraces, Chinese)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Rice terraces in Longji is considered one of the most beautiful in China. The people call them terraces of Dragon Ridge, they are located around the picturesque village of ping An (Ping An). Terraces are the result of many years of work, they exist almost from the XII century and built on the slopes of the mountains up to a height of 1 100 meters. The peasants who built them, cared about their survival in mountainous areas and it was their only opportunity to feed his family.

10. Pariaman, Indonesia
(Pariangan, Indonesia)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Active volcano Merapi, towering over this small village in Western Sumatra, one of the main natural treasures of the country. Pariangan is considered the oldest village of Minangkabau people, so inquisitive tourist will be able to learn a lot about the culture and customs of the indigenous population.
Here is preserved a charming traditional gabled houses, including 300-year-old house with woven rattan walls and a beautiful mosque of the nineteenth century.

11. CUA Van, Vietnam
(Fishing Village Cua Van, Vietnam)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

CUA van — a picturesque fishing village in Halong Bay. This is one of the largest floating fishing villages located directly on the water surface. You can get there by rowing boat to see locals engaged in the production of all kinds of gifts of the South China sea. The locals live in colorful houses, the rafts, the school is also located in one of the floating houses.

12. “Dutch Venice” Giethoorn, Netherlands
(Giethoorn, the Dutch Venice, Nederland)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Giethoorn is one of the most beautiful villages in the Netherlands, it is also often called the “Dutch Venice”, as it is situated on the water canals with a total length of about 7.5 km away. the Settlement was founded in 1230. To move around the village there is a bike path, and numerous canals. The main transport are rowing boats and boats with electric motors. Houses are located on Islands and connected by wooden bridges (throughout the village there are more than 50 pieces).

13. Biburi, UK
(Bibury, England)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Biburi is one of the most beautiful, picturesque and oldest villages of England — the first mention of it dates back to the XI century. It seems that time has stopped here — old houses, and even public transportation does not go to broke nothing of the pristine beauty. In the village go for the inspiration of poets and artists and filmmakers — here was filmed “the Diary of Bridget Jones” films about Mrs. Marple stories by Agatha Christie.

14. Reine, Norway
(Reine, Lofoten, Norway)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Reine fishing village, surprising surrealism of the landscapes. Nice houses, only about 350 residents.

The Rhine starts its history to 1743. The compact village is situated under the mountains around the fjord. An idyllic village, its postcard, annually attracts thousands of tourists flowing in from all over the world to admire the natural beauty.

15. Village Gasadalur, Faroe Islands, Denmark
(Faroe Islands, the Village of Gásadalur, Danmark)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Village Gasadalur is in an incredibly beautiful valley between the high cliffs of the island of Vagar, part of the Faroe Islands. The population of the village in 2002 was a mere 16 people. At the time to get to this village it was very difficult and very very time consuming. In 2004 was built a special tunnel to facilitate the movement of people from the village, and since then, it began to receive tourists.

16. San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy
(San Gimignano, Toscana, Italia)

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

San Gimignano was founded as a small village in the III century BC by the Etruscans. A small village turned into a city only in the X century BC, Today San Gimignano is a very small town, imbued with the spirit of the middle Ages and famous for its towers. In Medieval times there were 72 towers at home, there are now only 14.
Local residents believe that San Gimignano is the heart of Tuscany and throughout Italy.

17. Fishing village, Kaliningrad, Russia

Самые сказочные деревни мира. Фото

Fish village in Kaliningrad is not a village in the truest sense of the word, and is a square built buildings in the German style, stylized architecture of pre-war Koenigsberg. This ethnographic, trade and handicraft center, and pearl city. Territorial fishing village located near the historical center of Kaliningrad — the Cathedral on Kant island.

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