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The most extreme of the settlement. Photo

Самые экстремальные поселения. ФотоThe most incredible places on Earth, where ever people live.

Since ancient times people preferred to settle in areas located in close proximity to natural bodies of water.

For the construction of the cities was mainly out wide valleys, and shores of rivers and lakes. But for certain peoples in the priority was not so much the water, but the presence of valuable resources or their own safety. Their homes they settled in areas with difficult climatic conditions and in places where the enemies would be difficult to reach. Their home became a dense jungle, isolated Islands and the coldest and hottest places on the planet. Despite the fact that their descendants have the opportunity to move to a more comfortable part of the world, for some reason people do not want to leave their homes, continuing as their ancestors to adapt to very extreme conditions for life.

The Island Of Java, Indonesia

Самые экстремальные поселения. Фото

Merapi volcano is the most active of the 128 volcanoes of Indonesia. Small eruptions occur about 2 times a year, large — every 7 years. The last such eruption occurred in 2010, claimed the lives of 353 people. At the foot of the volcano is home to approximately 500,000 Indonesians.

La Rinconada, Peru

Самые экстремальные поселения. Фото

The city is located in the Andes at an altitude of about 5100 m above sea level. It is the highest town on the planet. To move into this extreme area, people began due to the deposits of gold ore. The city is poorly developed sewage system and waste waters, with the population of La Akonadi continues to grow steadily. In 2009, the city’s population of about 30 thousand people.

Motuo, China

Самые экстремальные поселения. Фото

With the outside world, the place connects the 200-meter suspension bridge. All the other roads were either destroyed mountain avalanches, or mudflows. Buddhists believe the place is sacred ground. The population of Motuo 10,000 residents.

Cherrapunji, India

Самые экстремальные поселения. Фото

Cherrapunji — one of the rainiest and wettest places on Earth. The average rainfall is 12,000 mm per year. Due to heavy rains, local soils have low fertility. The population of the town is just over 10 thousand people.

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Самые экстремальные поселения. Фото

The Atacama desert is the driest desert on Earth. In an average year, there is 10 mm of precipitation. Vegetation, as the inhabitants in the desert are very few, and sometimes it does not exist. Despite the harshness of the conditions in the desert town of San Pedro de Atacama, which is home to about 5,000 people.

Verkhoyansk, Russia

Самые экстремальные поселения. Фото

It is the coldest city in the world. The average annual temperature is -18,6 °C. According to the 2014 Verhojansk lived 1173 person.

Illoqqortoormiut, Greenland

Самые экстремальные поселения. Фото

The city is the northernmost city on the planet. You can reach it only after making a journey, first by plane and then by helicopter or boat. For a long time, the main inhabitants of this place were polar bears, musk oxen and seals. In 1925, these lands were the first settlers. At the moment the population is about 500 people.

Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom

Самые экстремальные поселения. Фото

As well as Easter island and Pitcairn island, the place is one of the most remote settlements on Earth. The island of the same name, part of the archipelago in the South Atlantic ocean, is inhabited. There are no mammals, but for permanent human habitation fit only the Northern and North-Western part. In 2008, the population of the island amounted to 264 people.

Pitcairn Island, UK

Самые экстремальные поселения. Фото

Pitcairn island, located in the southern Pacific ocean, consist of 5 Islands with a total area of 47 sq. km. On one of them Pitcairn is constantly inhabited by people. The first settlers of the island were the mutineers of the HMS bounty and the Tahitian. According to the census of 2014, on a piece of land with size of 4.6 sq km now living with 56 people.

Dallol, Ethiopia

Самые экстремальные поселения. Фото

The area is considered the village with the highest annual average temperature, as well as one of the most remote places on the planet. In the region there are no roads, and you can only get here via caravan routes. The exact number of inhabitants in this region is unknown.

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