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The most extreme bridges in the world

Самые экстремальные мосты в миреBridges for the most daring.

Extreme athletes from all over the world come to these places to look at these objects and through them. Each of these objects has its own story. They are special, to surprise and terrify. They boast such titles as the highest, the oldest, most natural object. They definitely cannot be compared with the most romantic bridges located around the world.

In the first place is rightfully The Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado. He hangs over a precipice, or rather above the gorge with a depth of 291 meters. This distance can be compared with 90 floors of the skyscraper. On bottom of the ravine flows the Arkansas river. Its construction due to the discovery of silver deposits and the need to transport the extracted metal.

Самые экстремальные мосты в мире

In second place extreme is the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Ireland. This object is a rope suspension bridge. Carrick-a-Rede is located in the North of Ireland and connects the mainland with the tiny Carrick island. Under the road bridge just 30 metres away, rough surf and rocks.

Самые экстремальные мосты в мире

The third place occupies the original structure of nature – The Immortal Bridge, China. The bridge is located in the mountains high Manute, which have a sacred meaning for the people of this country. It is here that is the Immortal bridge. It was created by nature of several boulders stuck in the crevice between the rocks. Three giant stone and some more have created a bridge, which is striking in its beauty for many millennia.

Самые экстремальные мосты в мире

The Old Bridge of Konitsa, Greece is the fourth place that deserves attention. It connects the banks of aoos river and is the entrance to the city. Built this bridge 50 workers and master Kostas Frontzos. The facility won the title of the highest and widest arch bridge.

Самые экстремальные мосты в мире

In fifth place is the Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Pakistan. He is the most dangerous rope bridge. It is still a thin thread that connects the shores of lake Borit. Residents of the mountainous areas of the country use it to get to the village of Rawalpindi, although there are close to modern robust way.

Самые экстремальные мосты в мире

To modern most original buildings include the bridge connecting Denmark with Sweden. It is the plot that runs under the ground. This site was built through the island in the path of the bridge.

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