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The most expensive cost of a smartphone

Назван самый дорогой по себестоимости смартфонAnalysts IHS, Markit group analyzed the cost of modern gadgets and came to the conclusion that the most expensive of smartphones is the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In comparison involved such flagships as the iPhone 7 and the LG G6, on exclusive Vertu models, decorated with jewels and precious metals, it was not.

Version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with 64 GB of flash memory cost the company $ 307,5, up 36,29 dollars than the cost of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and 43.3 per dollar higher than the Galaxy S7. Probably the latest model of Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be even more costly, but information about it yet. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will arrive on the market for 28 April. The first will cost the Russians to 54 990 rubles, and the second in 59 900 rubles. Thus, it turns out that Samsung makes their flagships the largest margin. For example, the cost of the Galaxy S8 with 64 GB of internal memory equal to 17 500 roubles, and in retail it will come with a price tag three times more expensive.

For comparison, the cost of the iPhone 7 is only $ 220, and the iPhone 7 Plus is 256 dollars. Experts explain such high costs Samsung by the presence of such expensive parts as a frameless OLED screen, which is the fourth part of the cost of the whole gadget.

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