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The most effective way to quit Smoking

Назван самый эффективный способ бросить куритьAmerican scientists have claimed that nutrition influences the difficulty to quit Smoking.

Experts from medical center of Duke University decided to help anyone who solemnly swore in the new year to get rid of bad habits.

It turned out that it is enough to take up a healthy lifestyle and your diet. Psychologists conducted a survey among smokers and found that 19% of respondents do not like to smoke after I eat dairy products. Even at 16% a similar effect occurred after the tasting fruits and vegetables.

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While 45% of smokers said that after tea, coffee, Coca-Cola and other products with caffeine, they want to smoke. 44% of men and women as to why alcohol and another 11% of respondents want to take after eating meat. Therefore, experts are working to create effective diet for smokers.

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