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The most effective method for weight loss

Назван самый эффективный способ для похуденияGood sleep and emotional tranquility in 2 times increases the chance for the relief of excess weight.

An experiment by American scientists showed that a good night’s rest greatly increases the chances to lose weight.

Experts have proven that you can lose weight with the help of quality sleep.

Clinicians research center Kaiser Permanente in Oakland sponsored this project. In testing was attended by 500 people. The observation of the volunteers failed scientists to the conclusion that the quality of sleep in combination with a stable psycho-emotional state actually make you slimmer.

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Doctors have found – “a good night’s sleep, and emotional tranquility twice increases the chance for a normal reset extra pounds”.

Also, the participants of the experiment adhered to a number of other conditions – nutrition had lower fat and sugar and high levels of fruit and vegetables and amount of physical activity has reached 180 minutes a week, said the experts.

Quality sleep combined with a healthy lifestyle did subjects more slender to the final test.
“Low levels of stress and sleep more than 6 hours but not more than 8 hours a day can help you lose up to 4.5 kg in six months”, – stated the specialists.

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