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The most effective herbs for fast weight loss

Самые эффективные травы для ускоренного похудения Herbs can help you in the fight against overweight, as an addition to the diet.

However, in order not to harm the health, try to consume them in the form of tea or in salads and accurately follow the recommended dose.

Nature has already taken care of everything. There are many plants that contain substances that contribute to weight loss. These substances can improve digestion, eliminate constipation, accelerate metabolism. Good digestion and fast metabolism, prevent the accumulation in the body’s fat reserves.

In addition, the herbs promote the excretion of excess fluid and split content of fat cells. So, one way or another help you to advance further and faster towards a perfect figure.

Herb, slimming, can be classified into:
– Uppers, helping the body to burn more calories.
– Diuretics that displays the body of excess fluid.
– Laxatives, bowel cleansing.
– Suppress appetite – reduce hunger.

Not all herbs with these properties are equally useful and effective. Some have the ability to improve digestion, others speed up the metabolism. There are plants, possessing at once a complex of useful properties, but some of them can have side effects or prohibited for prolonged use. Therefore, we consider only the safest and most effective slimming plant.

Green tea

Green tea speeds up the metabolism and burning fat in the fat cells. Caffeine is the most powerful component of green tea, which helps to speed up metabolism. In addition, green tea contains several powerful antioxidants that have similar effects. Green tea is healthier than black tea or coffee, because it contains unique antioxidants and flavonoids that help to lose weight, and vitamin C.

Stellaria (Mokriny)

Stellaria has the ability to break down fat molecules. It is recommended to use it in combination with burdock root to balance good and bad fats in the body: Stellaria breaks down fats, and the burdock helps eliminate them from the body. This tea blend of these herbs will help in addition to suppress appetite, reduce emotional overeating and normalize digestion.


Has a thermogenic effect, that is able to burn fat. Reduces the level of harmful blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Due to its properties to regulate blood sugar and help metabolize sugar, cinnamon is able to treat early stages of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The recommended dose – at least 1 tsp of ground cinnamon daily.

Dandelion root

Helps to efficiently metabolize fats and improve liver function. It has tonic and stimulant properties and also cleanses the body from harmful substances.


Nettle is extremely rich in beneficial substances: vitamins C and E and minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium), which strengthen bones, tone muscles and cleanse the body of toxins. It is believed that nettle has thermogenic properties. But have read about another, less dressed up mockingly quality, helpful for weight loss – it nourishes the body at the cellular level, saving you from feeling hungry and emotional eating.


Fennel – diuretic, able to ease hunger and give energy to the body. For a more slimming effect, it is recommended to combine the seeds of the fennel tea with nettle leaves. Daily dose: 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds and 2 tbsp. l. nettle 3 cups of boiling water. Exceed the dose, as a large volume of fennel can be toxic.

Flax seed

Flaxseed has strong purgative properties, stabilizes blood sugar levels and helps suppress feelings of hunger, as swells during the digestive process 5 times! Rich in vitamins and phytonutrients, it also is a great source of protein, fiber and omega-3. This is a real gift of nature! Eat a tablespoon of flax seed a half hour before eating, and you will need much less food to satisfy your hunger. So, you can easily lose weight and at the same time also will strengthen your immune system.


Psyllium husk is similar in effect to flax seed – taking them (1 tbsp) with a small amount of water half an hour before meals helps to delay hunger and consume less food. A decoction of the leaves of plantain can also help in weight loss due to its high content of specific substances – polyphenols.


Improves blood circulation and reduces blood levels of harmful fats. In addition, hawthorn stimulates the thyroid gland than metabolism. Another property of hawthorn, which will be useful to anyone wishing to lose weight – it helps the heavy, indigestible food passing the digestive tract.


In addition, parsley contains many vitamins, it has diuretic properties. The juice or decoction of parsley helps to maintain constant blood sugar levels, thereby reducing the feeling of hunger and mood swings, especially during strict diets. Parsley besides – one of the best sources of iron, which gives the blood oxygen.


Natural laxative, which also speeds up the metabolism.


The hibiscus is often included as part of slimming teas due to its pleasant taste and content of some substances that contribute to weight loss. The hibiscus is a lot of chromium and ascorbic acid, as well as hydroxycitrate acid. Hibiscus has a mild purgative and diuretic properties. But it is better to use it not in isolation but in combination with other herbs.

Hoodia Gordonii (Hoodia Gordonii)

Hoodia Gordonii is kaktusovoda plant found in the deserts of Africa. For many centuries it was used by local tribes to suppress the appetite during the global famine, or long treks through the desert. Recently, Hoodia Gordonii is gaining popularity worldwide as helping to lose weight without side effects. You can find it in pharmacies in the form of capsules, powder or tablets.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains a substance known as capsaicin, which is the source of spiciness in peppers. Capsaicin is extremely effective speeds up digestion and metabolism in the body also has a thermogenic effect, that is burns fat. In addition, it contributes to increased production of saliva, which also contributes to good digestion and better absorption of food. Unfortunately, due to its sharpness Cayenne pepper is only suitable for people without gastrointestinal diseases.

Spirulina (seaweed)

An excellent source of minerals such as chromium and iodine, spirulina is a natural stimulant of the thyroid gland, accelerating metabolism and fat burning. You can buy spirulina over the counter in dried form and in capsules or tablets.


Tones and helps to speed up metabolism.


Stevia is a natural calorie-free and harmless sweetener hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. Stevia is a very sweet plant, grown in South and Central America, the leaf extract which contains the sweet glycosides and lectins, polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential oils. In addition, it is believed that stevia is a natural preservative that has antimicrobial and antifungal activity, promotes the excretion of metabolic products, slag, salts of heavy metals, has a tonic effect, restores power after a nervous and physical exhaustion, and even slows the aging process. The powder of the leaves of stevia are sold in pharmacies and dietetic Department stores.

Inclusion in your diet as many herbs will surely help you to lose weight. But instead of accepting them in dried form or in the form of capsules, try to eat them fresh, “natural” form, in salads or teas. During the summer, collect leaves and seeds of plantain, nettle leaves, leaves and dandelion roots, grind them in a blender with a small amount of water and get a wonderful vitamin cocktail with almost zero calorie content, but is perfectly satiating and help you lose weight. But remember that herbs are equal to the drugs and require compliance with the recommended doses. Do not forget about the right way of life, grass – only Supplement to the diet.

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