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The most “degrading” the profession of the past. Photo

Самые «унизительные» профессии прошлого. ФотоNow they seem to be savagery, but then it was quite ordinary, and some even honorable.

“All professions are needed, all professions are important” — so must have consoled himself with the woman who was responsible for maintenance of chamber pots of the king and his entourage. Pronounced social inequalities and a way of life in General, gave rise in Antiquity and the middle Ages a great variety of somewhat bizarre posts.

1. Whipping boy

Самые «унизительные» профессии прошлого. Фото

In the XV-XVI centuries, in England, every Prince secured a whipping boy. To punish the king’s son could only the monarch, but due to the fact that he rarely got near the cuffs and other pleasures for a naughty Prince was received by his Deputy. It was assumed that the Royal offspring were ashamed, because instead the innocent suffer. Sometimes working in this specialty has brought considerable profits. For example, king Charles I, ascended the throne, made his whipping boy, William Murray in graphs.

2. Synovial

Самые «унизительные» профессии прошлого. Фото

In Ancient Rome (or medieval Europe) the fabric for the further manufacture of clothing treated in a highly original way. Synovial days stood in the tub filled with water and alkaline chemicals, and relentlessly trampled strip of matter, removing excess substances. It would seem, nothing special, but there is a caveat. Most affordable alkaline solution was stojala urine. Sukkawala picked it up at surrounding farms and placed special containers near their homes for passers-by to restock.

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3. Court stylist

Самые «унизительные» профессии прошлого. Фото

How hard the life of sukkawala, knew better than all the Roman maids, slaves, skilled at styling hair. Not only that, they for hours at a time was making the curls on the heads of their mistresses, and dealt with poorly treatable ingredients. Oils they were made from a mixture of rotten leeches, of the liquid ink squid, pigeon droppings and, of course, urine.

4. Gatherer of leeches

Самые «унизительные» профессии прошлого. Фото

If we’re talking about the leeches, we cannot ignore another great profession. The more strengthened the faith of the doctors in the healing properties of bloodletting, the most popular leeches. They were considered almost a panacea from any illness. Accordingly, in Vogue the profession of a collector of these things. Typically, the bait used their own feet. Experts wandered through the marshy ponds, uncoupled leeches from the ankles, when they drunk the blood. Nothing complicated! However, from time to time fishers due to heavy loss of blood fainted.

5. The thief of corpses

Самые «унизительные» профессии прошлого. Фото

Doctors needed not only leeches, but the corpses in order to study how it all works. And opening in the olden days the Church did not allow. So masters people were hunted by the fact that under the cover of night-to-order friend the doctor exhumed the bodies of the dead compatriots. This profession existed until the late nineteenth century and caused violent protests.

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6. Need a woman and a courtier of the vessel

Самые «унизительные» профессии прошлого. Фото

That the English monarch had emptied the bowels in a comfortable environment, watched the team of professionals. A specially trained woman at any time of the day or night was ready to throw the contents of the pot and carefully rinse. Career no, but the money was good.

Самые «унизительные» профессии прошлого. Фото

Much more prestigious position was that of a courtier to the Royal vessel. It was founded by Henry VI when in his possession introduces a new chair with a built-in pot. Court everywhere wore a type of toilet for His Majesty, was responsible for the presence of water and towels. To be always at the ready, he followed the diet of the monarch, predicting his schedule and planning in accordance with this your day. The Manager of the chair was almost continuous and, in fact, intimate access to the king, which automatically elevated it almost above all other courtiers.

7. Vyshival armpits

Самые «унизительные» профессии прошлого. Фото

The desire to get rid of excess body hair is not new trend. Smooth skin were considered an essential attribute of a handsome man in Ancient Rome. Control over clean underarms and other body areas aristocrats trusted servants. Most often, they wielded bronze tweezers, but sometimes resorted to alternative methods. For example, put armpit of particular substances in the hope that hair will fall out by themselves.

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