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The most dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea. Photo

Самые опасные обитатели Черного моря. ФотоThe black sea does not belong to the tropical seas, teeming with poisonous fish and dangerous animals.

There are no stingrays, no man eating sharks or Portuguese ships, nor the sharp-toothed Moray eels, however, and in its waters there are sea creatures that pose a danger to human health.

Very soon will begin the swimming season 2017 and yearned for during the long winter, the sun and the water, campers massively pulled to the banks of rivers, lakes, and of course, go to relax on the black sea coast. The black sea is very hospitable to loudamy, there is almost not found dangerous for human animals, however, you need to be alert to thoroughly spoil yourself with a vacation. Here are a few of the inhabitants of the Black sea, which can cause us trouble. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Kornerot jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo). It is easily distinguished by the fleshy, bell-like dome and a heavy beard of the mouth of the blades underneath. These lace on the blades and are poisonous stinging cells. Try to gutter by their side; but generally the usual nettle burns stronger than kornerot. A danger jellyfish pose to the mucous membranes of a person, so you should be careful of diving with open eyes and to put jellyfish in a speedo.

Самые опасные обитатели Черного моря. Фото

Another major black sea Medusa Aurelia (Aurelia aurita). Its stinging cells are weaker, the skin on the body, they do not penetrate, but burn the eyes or the edges of the lips of Aurelia may hurt; so it’s best not to throw jellyfish at each other. Stinging cells Aurelia – on the fringe of small tentacles fringing the edge of the dome of the jellyfish. If you touch a jellyfish, even a dead – rinse your hands – they can stay stinging cells, and then if You are rubbing their eyes with them, you’ll get burned.

Самые опасные обитатели Черного моря. Фото

Prickly shark, or Katran.

Dwells in the Black, Barents, Okhotsk and Japanese seas. Length up to 2 meters. It is called barbed two strong sharp thorns at the base of which has a venom gland located in front of the dorsal fins. Their Katran capable of inflicting deep wounds on the hapless angler or careless diver. The site of the lesion develops inflammatory reaction: pain, redness, swelling. Sometimes there increased heart rate, inhibited breathing. We should not forget that the spiny dogfish and shark teeth, despite its modest size. Its poison is unlike the rest contains mostly myotropic (muscle-affecting) substances and has a fairly weak effect, so the vast majority of the poisoning of humans ends in complete recovery.

Самые опасные обитатели Черного моря. Фото

Sea ruff, the black sea or skorpena – Scorpaena porcus. It is a real monster – big head covered with protuberances, horns, bulging crimson eyes, a huge mouth with thick lips. The rays of the dorsal fin transformed into a sharp spines, which skorpena, if it is disturbed, spreads; at the base of each beam – toxic iron. It is protection from predators ruff, his weapon of defence. And the weapons of attack – jaws with many sharp curves the teeth – designed for a carefree fish, approached scorpene by the length of its swift, violent throw. All kind of scorpionfish says its danger; and at the same time, she is beautiful – and there are scorpionfish very different colors – black, gray, brown, crimson, yellow, pink…

These prickly predators lurk among the rocks, under the seaweed, and all bottom fish, changing color to match the color of their environment, can quickly lighten or darken depending on light conditions. Hide scorpene and numerous spines, spikes, tentacles and leathery, turning it into one of rocks covered with marine vegetation. Therefore, it is difficult to notice, and she so relies on its obscurity, that swims (or rather, flies like a bullet from a gun!) only if to approach her closely. Sometimes it can even be touched – but just to do – that’s enough! Interesting, lying on the surface of the water and breathing through a tube, watch the hunt scorpionfish…

In the Black sea there are two species of scorpionfish – skorpena noticeable Scorpaena notata, it is not more than 15 inches in length, and the black sea skorpena Scorpaena porcus – up to half – but such a big meet is deeper, farther from shore. The main difference between the black sea scorpionfish long, like rag shreds, the supraorbital tentacles. From scorpionfish noticeable these growths short. The emissions of poisons especially dangerous in early spring. The shots of the fins is very painful.

The wounds from the spikes scorpionfish cause burning pain, the area around the injections is red and swollen, and then General malaise, temperature, and your vacation is interrupted. Wounds should be treated as ordinary scratches. The main symptoms of poisoning with poison of sea perch – local inflammation (where pricked) and General allergic reaction. Therefore, the only tablets that can help are anti-Allergy (antihistamine) drugs – remember that you must strictly adhere to the instructions for use of tablets which are attached to all medicines. Deaths from injections scorpionfish is not known. Accidentally it is also no one comes and we suffer from its barbs curious divers and fishermen, when you take the ruff with the hook or removing it from the network. Incidentally, sea ruff, a very tasty fish, just clean it carefully – the poison persists even scorpionfish, rested in the fridge.

In small doses the toxin causes local tissue inflammation, in the big – paralysis of the respiratory muscles. The poison sea perch contains mainly substances acting on the blood, so symptoms of poisoning victims have saved a few days and then there are no complications.

Самые опасные обитатели Черного моря. Фото

SKAT hvostokol, he – sea cat.

Grows to 1 m in length. On his tail is a thorn, or rather the real sword – 20 inches in length. Some of the fish there are two or even three thorns. Its edges are very sharp, and besides, serrated along the blade, with the bottom side – groove, which can see the dark venom of poisonous glands on the tail. If you hurt lying at the bottom of the hvostokol, he will hit the tail like a scourge; it ottapalam their spines and can inflict deep chopped or stab wound. The wound from the blow of hvostokol, treated as any other.

Stingrays are benthic lifestyle.Despite the fact that, marine cats are easily scared, afraid of the noise, trying to swim away from swimmers if they accidentally step on buried in the ground in shallow water with a sandy bottom hvostokol, he begins to defend himself, dealing the man a deep wound in my guns. A shot reminiscent of a blunt knife. The pain quickly intensifies, and after 5-10 minutes it becomes unbearable. Local phenomena (swelling, redness) are accompanied by fainting, dizziness, disorders of heart activity. In severe cases, death can occur from paralysis of the heart. Usually at 5-7-th day the victim is recovering, but the wound heals much later.

The poison sea cat got into the wound, causing a painful phenomenon, similar to the bites of poisonous snakes. It acts equally on the nervous and circulatory system. Unlike the catamaran and scorpionfish, after a close acquaintance with the sea cat, are unlikely to be able to do without the help of a doctor.

Самые опасные обитатели Черного моря. Фото

Stargazer or a Sea cow.

Their usual size is 30-40 cm. Found in the Black sea and the far East. The astrologer, or sea cow, living in the Black sea, has a grayish-brown fusiform body with runs along the lateral line white, irregularly shaped spots. Fish eye directed upwards to heaven. Hence the name. Most of the time the astrologer spends the day buried in the soil, putting out eyes and a mouth with a protruding, worm-like tongue, moving the lure to the fish. On the Gill covers and on the pectoral fins of a sea cow, there are sharp spikes. During the breeding season, from late may to September, their Foundation is developing a cluster of cells that produce the toxin. Through the grooves on the spines, the poison gets into the wound.

Soon after the injured man at the site of inoculation appears a sharp pain, the affected tissue is swollen, difficulty breathing. A few days until the person recovers. The poison secreted by the stargazers, in its action resembles the toxin of dragon fish, but is understudied. Known cases of lethal outcomes in patients with lesions in these fish species found in the Mediterranean sea.

Самые опасные обитатели Черного моря. Фото

Completes our list of the Sea dragon, or sea Scorpion.

The most poisonous fish in many European seas inhabits the Black sea and the Kerch Strait. Length – up to 36 inches. In the Western part of the Baltic sea is home to more than small – small sea dragon, or Viper (12-14 inches). The structure of the poison apparatus of these fish seem so similar and the development of signs of poisoning. The sea dragon, the body is compressed laterally, the eyes set high, close together and look up. Fish lives at the bottom and often burrows into the soil so that only the head is visible.

If you step on it bare foot or to grab his hand, its sharp spines covering the body the “offender”. Stings a Scorpion is equipped with 6-7 anterior rays of the dorsal fin and spines at the Gill covers. Depending on the depth of injection, size of fish, condition of the victim the consequences of the defeat of the dragon may be different. You feel a sharp, burning pain at the site of injury. The skin around the wound is red, there is swelling, necrosis develops tissues. Arise headache, fever, abundant Department of sweat, heart pain, weakened breathing. There may be paralysis of the limbs, and in the most severe cases – death. However, poisoning usually passes in 2-3 days, but the wound definitely develops a secondary infection, necrosis, and low current (up to 3 months) ulcer.

It is established that the poison of the dragon contains mainly substances acting on the blood system, with the percentage of neurotropic toxins small. Therefore, the vast majority of cases of poisoning ends with healing.

To prevent poisoning with poisonous fish, diving, divers, scuba divers, tourists and travelers at sea observe the following precautions.

Never attempt to grab the unprotected hand of the fish, especially unknown to you, in crevices or lying on the bottom.
It is not always safe, as evidenced by experienced divers, to touch unfamiliar objects, situated on sandy soil. It can be disguised there are rays, sea dragons, or star-gazers. Just as dangerous to rummage hands underwater caves – one can stumble on the hidden Scorpio.

Hiking barefoot on the beach in the strip of tint you need to look carefully at his feet. Remember: the sea dragons are often left in the wet sand after the retreat of the waters, and they are easy to attack. Especially it is necessary to warn the children of those who first arrived on the coast of the sea.

Emergency events with the defeat of prickly thorns poisonous fish should be aimed at relief of pain from injuries and the poison, overcoming the action of the toxin and preventing secondary infection. When injured you must immediately energetically mouth to suck the venom out with the blood within 15-20 minutes.

Extracting the liquid you want to quickly get rid of it. No need to fear the action of the toxin contained in the saliva bactericidal substances reliably protect from poisoning. However, remember that this procedure can not be performed for those who have on the lips and in the mouth there are wounds, injuries, ulcers. After that the affected area need to be washed with a strong solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide and impose aseptic bandage. Then give the victim a pain reliever, and diphenhydramine, to prevent the development of allergic reactions and excessive drinking, better than strong tea.

In the injection of any poisonous fish there is a proven popular way to ease the pain of his wound. If you caught the offender, and most often injured it the careless fishermen, it is necessary to cut off a piece of meat by the hardships you fish and applying the wound. The pain significantly subsides, however, in the case of sea dragon, Stargazer and hvostokol in the future, the need for speedy and qualified assistance a doctor.

In conclusion, I want to remind you: be careful and cautious, bathing, diving and swimming diving. You can easily avoid unpleasant contact with dangerous inhabitants, because they human never attack and use their weapons only in self-defense.

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