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The most dangerous form of alcohol

Назван самый опасный вид алкоголяCaffeinated alcoholic energy can cause not only heart problems.

As it became known to researchers in Canada, energy drinks containing alcohol, are the cause of increased injuries. In the case of regular consumption of alcohol the risk of injury is much less.

These drinks contain tonic substances is often a caffeine or guarana extract, Yerba mate. They stimulate the nervous system, causing a burst of energy, increasing efficiency. For quick and easy absorption into the body and, accordingly, provide a rapid effect, these carbonated beverages are manufactured. By themselves, non-alcoholic beverages, energy drinks unsafe for health, and alcohol energy turn people into “walking disaster”.

People under the influence of alcohol and so does not control their actions and body. And alcohol caffeine energy supply a person with extra energy and push to rash acts. As a result, the alkogolsoderzhaschih people who use energy drinks more likely to get into accidents, conflict and getting into a fight, fall and get hurt, climb on the roof of a tall building, showing his own “heroism”, etc. Under the action of ordinary alcohol, the study showed, people in most cases, gets tired faster and showing a desire to go home to rest. But under the influence of alcoholic energy drinks such desire does not arise. And Vice versa – I want to continue to drink alcohol and to demonstrate the next “feat”.

In addition to the risk of serious injury or maim anyone, addicted to alcoholic energy drinks cause heart problems and blood vessels, nervous system, depletes the body and leads to insomnia. In the other. How to remind doctors to the same effect, and the frequent use of conventional alcohol – vodka, wine, beer, etc.

Even daily drink a bottle of beer can lead to disruption of metabolic processes in the body, excess weight, the emergence of the attachment to alcohol and development of alcoholism in the future. Therefore it is better not to abuse alcohol. And from drinking alcoholic energy drinks altogether. If you find it difficult to do it, then come to the aid of experts or special medications: the choice of treatment of alcohol dependence in modern medicine is quite broad.

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