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The most common myths about the middle Ages. Photo

Самые распространенные мифы о Средневековье. Фото Middle ages: myths and reality.

Myth # 1. People actively used the spices to drown out the taste of spoiled meat

Самые распространенные мифы о Средневековье. Фото

Spices in Europe were brought from India, China, Muslim countries, so they were incredibly expensive. Therefore, it is logical to assume that those who could afford spices, and certainly did not eat spoiled meat. In medieval France for 1 pound nutmegs gave the cow or four sheep. Known cases when, instead of money fines were paid in spices. So in the XIII century the inhabitants of béziers, was ordered to pay a fine for the murder of the Viscount – 3 pounds of pepper.

Myth # 2. Iron maiden – the most sophisticated instrument of torture

Самые распространенные мифы о Средневековье. Фото

About medieval torture written many articles, however, if you look, the active use of torture began a few centuries later. A sarcophagus with a spiked “Iron maiden” is invented in the XVIII century.

Myth # 3. In the middle Ages, wine and beer were preferred to water because of contamination

Самые распространенные мифы о Средневековье. Фото

The widespread belief that the water was poisoned in the Middle ages, it is highly exaggerated. The basis for the existence of the cities was the presence of large sources of fresh water and contamination automatically meant the death of the settlements. And people drank wine in such quantities, as I used to think the modern inhabitants. For the most part it was diluted wine so as not to tipsy. Beer is mostly drank the peasants in the fields to quench their thirst.

Myth # 4. People do not live up to 30 years

Самые распространенные мифы о Средневековье. Фото

This sad figure is based on statistical data. The fact that in the middle Ages there was high mortality of children at an early age. Then, there were almost no families where no one has died at least one child. Well, those lucky enough to survive childhood and adolescence, it is normal to live up to 50 or 70 years. But the figure of 30 is not that other, as the arithmetic average of the combined population of the middle Ages, both children and the elderly.

Myth # 5. Right of the first night

Самые распространенные мифы о Средневековье. Фото

Often in books and films in vivid colors describes the right of the first night, when the king or the feudal Lord deprived the girl of virginity on the wedding night. If not considered of the literary work, in any of the official timeline there is no mention of such cases.

Myth # 6. Before campaigns medieval knights wore their ladies chastity belt

Самые распространенные мифы о Средневековье. Фото

A chastity belt is yet another invention of those of the nineteenth century, popularitati the idea of the dense Middle ages. The idea of the chastity belt learned from the paintings, dated to the year 1405. There in comic form was portrayed by Roman tradition, according to which the waist and hips of the bride tied with a belt. He was an embodiment of chastity. It has long been scientifically proven that all of found metal and other chastity belt is a fake.

Myth # 7. In the Middle ages everything was gray and featureless

Самые распространенные мифы о Средневековье. Фото

The middle ages are associated not only with the multitude of thinking men of the time, but featureless and dark shades used in clothing or decoration. In fact, if you pay attention to the churches and cathedrals of the middle Ages, we can see the beautiful bright stained glass Windows. To have survived jewelry in all colors of the rainbow. Of course, most of the murals were destroyed or faded from time and wear just faded.

Myth # 8. Neuschwanstein – a castle

Самые распространенные мифы о Средневековье. Фото

Many believe that the Neuschwanstein castle was built in the Middle ages. In fact, its construction began in 1869 by king Ludwig II of Bavaria. Neuschwanstein was built in the Gothic revival style, which is why it confused with ancient castles.

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