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The most common causes of low body temperature

Самые распространенные причины пониженной температуры тела It is considered low body temperature of 35.9 degrees Celsius.

Cause low body temperature can be caused by overwork or recent illness. It can be cold legs, arms, there is apathy and chills.

Failure in the human body can happen even in the event the body temperature just a few degrees. In normal condition the human body temperature should be 36.6 degrees. Everyone knows what to do in case of fever. But what to do if the body temperature is lowered? It is considered low body temperature of 35.9 degrees Celsius. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Let us now understand what are the causes of low body temperature? This can be a lowering of thyroid function, disruption of body after chronic disease, lesions of the adrenal glands, the use of drugs in large quantities, fatigue, lack of vitamins, pregnancy, etc.

Adults do not always notice and pay attention to lowering the temperature of your body. If this temperature will last longer than two days, you should consult a doctor as this may be indicative of a respiratory or physical ailments.

In children the body temperature drops quite often and sometimes it may be indicative of recent disease, colds, and lowered immunity. Self in this case to do not recommended, it is better to consult the pediatrician.

If low body temperature occurs as a result of overwork or stress, it is recommended to sleep well and eliminate stress. You can also take motherwort and Valerian.

You can also prepare a herbal tea by mixing the herbs in equal parts, and take it with fatigue. To prepare, you need to mix a tablespoon of herb motherwort and Valerian root and pour two cups of boiling water, let stand overnight and drain in the morning. Infusion take in small SIPS several times a day.

Doctors also suggest taking vitamin E or b complex for three weeks.

Each person needs an individual approach. If you have manifested drowsiness and apathy, to vitamins is to add a contrast shower in the mornings and evenings, with warm or cold water. If you have decreased performance, and you become irritable, it is useful to take baths with aromatic oils and massage.

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