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The most colorful natural wonders of the world: top 10. Photo

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. ФотоEveryone needs to see the most beautiful places on Earth.

Rugged mountains, waterfalls, ancient forests, and beautiful beaches – it seems that these classic attractions a long time no one should be surprised.

However, even among them there are objects that deserve the attention of tourists from all over the world. Presented in the review natural attractions can only be described as the real wonders of the world. They are all unique, amazing and simply fascinating his perfection. Among the most prominent attractions there are suitable for those who love Hiking, and for lovers of relaxing vacation on the beach. Some of the outstanding attractions will have a long way to go, and the other located in the vicinity of crowded resorts and other famous tourist sites.

The Pit Cenote IK Kil, Mexico. Workshop of nature.

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. Фото

Amazing creations of nature are natural wells or cenotes, some of them are so beautiful that you believe in their existence simply impossible. One of these is cenote IK Kil, located in Mexico. This well is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, is one of the deepest in the world, its depth is more than 50 meters and reach the height of 25 meters. How did you find the researchers, once the cenote IK Kil was the cave, the vaults collapsed. As a result of collapse formed the incredibly beautiful well with fresh water, high walls covered in exotic plants.

A cenote is pretty old, the Mayans he was a valuable source of fresh water. They believed that a deep well serves as the entrance to the underworld. Modern tourists have the opportunity not only to admire the beauty of the deep natural wells, and to swim in its crystal clear waters. Cenote was perfectly equipped, on the walls of the well carved stone stairway is reliable, and is equipped with excellent viewing platforms.

It is noteworthy karst lake IK Kil that is right a round shape, its diameter is about 60 meters. Due to the high content of limestone and a special kind of plankton the water in the lake has a rich blue hue. Visit the amazing cenote IK Kil will be interesting at any time of the year, year-round in the lake remains at a comfortable swimming temperature from 22 to 25 degrees Celsius. Is an amazing natural landmark near the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza, so is popular with tourists.

Waterfall Helmcken, Canada

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. Фото

Altitude: 400 meters.

One of the major attractions of British Columbia is a waterfall, Helmcken, it is set among the coastal mountains, in a nature reserve Tweedsmuir. A beautiful waterfall is the second largest in British Columbia, its total height is about 400 meters. The beginning of the waterfall is the Northern extremity of lake Turner, he falls in a narrow canyon and then flows into the river is an.

A pioneer of amazing waterfall is Robert Henry Lee, a specialist survey of the land, who worked on the territory of the natural reserve in 1911. He was so impressed by the beauty of the waterfall that rushed to inform the government, in his message, the researcher asked to call the waterfall McBride. A few days later he received a reply which bore a different name – Helmcken. Called landmark, in honor of doctor who arrived in British Columbia in the mid-19th century and gave its inhabitants a huge professional help.

Today the waterfall is a popular tourist attraction, next to him for travelers was specially equipped with several viewing platforms. In the circles of local residents waterfall Helmcken recently called “the secret” and all because to get to it really easy. Hike to the waterfall usually lasts more than an hour, during this time, travelers can fully enjoy the beauty of the nature reserve.

The Tara river canyon, Montenegro

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. Фото

Length: 80 km, Depth of 1 300 metres.

In Montenegro the most important natural landmark, UNESCO world heritage site, is a Park of Durmitor. On its territory is the Tara river canyon which is simply striking in its beauty and harmony of the surrounding landscape. The depth of this canyon is about 1300 meters, and the length is 80 km. Today the canyon is very popular among lovers of scenic walks, as well as fans of rafting.

Those who prefer Hiking during the tour will have the opportunity to see another iconic landmark — the bridge đurđevića Tara bridge. This bridge across the river was built in 1937, and has actually become the only route linking the southern part of Montenegro with the North. This historic bridge is the starting point for the classic excursions in the canyon of the river Tara, to it visitors can travel by car.

The main value of the Durmitor national Park are beautiful mountains, on its territory there are 18 lakes. That is the mountains surrounding the canyon on two sides, make it look unique. The scenic canyon is a lot of secrets on its territory there are several rare species of plants. One of the main values of the canyon is the black pine, the age of some of these trees are over 400 years old. The tour is sure to appeal to fans of historical attractions, which will have the opportunity to visit some located in the mountains of medieval monasteries.

Beach Benagil, Portugal

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. Фото

For those who like to relax on the beautiful beaches, you should definitely go to Portugal. Here is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Benagil, which has the right to be called a true natural wonder of the world. The beach is in the immediate vicinity of the Algarve, in the eponymous village. Remarkable sandy beach, primarily located in its territory rock formations and caves.

Inside one of these caves there is a hidden beach, it is a goal of many travelers. In summer the beach of Benagil is very popular among tourists, thanks to the abundance of rocks that serve as natural breakwaters, strong waves here are extremely rare. On the beach you can relax with the kids, he will love and fans of diving. The water off the coast is crystal clear, allowing you to consider the beauty of the underwater world in its full diversity.

Have a romantic nature is especially popular hidden beach, located under the arch is a large natural cave. To get to this amazing beach is only by sea, is also worth noting that it is popular not only among couples, but also photographers from around the world. To witness one of the natural wonders of the world will all the guests of the Algarve, the beach resort of Benagil parts is less than 10 minutes drive away.

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. Фото

In New Zealand, the famous Waitomo caves, the features of which is somehow a miracle can not be explained. The fact is that these caves it inhabits rare species of fireflies, to meet which can be exclusively in New Zealand. These tiny creatures light up the dark vault of the cave, making it look like a starry sky. To enjoy this amazing phenomenon of nature in New Zealand come travellers from all over the world, they have another unusual surprise.

In the caves are the lake, so driving on them is possible only by boat – it makes the tour even more unique. Amazing caves are one of the main attractions of the country, over their formation nature worked for millions of years. Once on the site of the caves was king of the ocean, whose waters washed away the years, a complex system of underground tunnels. In addition to fireflies Waitomo caves have many other interesting features, some caves are different variety of amazing formations of limestone.

Looking at the walls of caves in the limestone you can see the skeletons of fish and shell – a reminder of the once dominant here sea. In some caves nature has created ideal conditions for life and reproduction of fireflies of the species Arachnocampa Luminosa. Scientists believe that fireflies glow for a very simple reason – they are hungry. So they lured into their silk of other insects that tend to fly into the bright light. During the excursion the guests of the caves is forbidden to talk loudly, the sound can scare the fireflies, and then they will cease to Shine.

Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. Фото

Length: 460 meters. Width: 160 feet. Depth: 50 meters.

Scuba diving enthusiasts should visit located in Palau Jellyfish Lake. It lives in isolated populations of two species of jellyfish, the conditions in the lake for them so comfortable that the population has increased to two million individuals. The jellyfish in the lake are everywhere and in huge quantities, and most importantly – they are absolutely safe for people. Over the years the evolution of the tentacles of jellyfish have completely lost stinging cells, so to swim among them divers without fearing to get burned.

Jellyfish lake, Palau Is an amazing lake in the Eastern part of the island of EIL Malk, its length is about 460 meters and a width of about 160 meters. Scientists believe that jellyfish Lake appeared more than 12,000 years ago by the movement of the earth’s crust, its depth is about 50 meters. Since the formation of the lake it formed was continuously isolated forms of life, the most favorable propagation conditions for the jellyfish.

The absence in the lake their natural enemies has allowed the population to grow to incredible proportions similar to the population based on the area of the reservoir is nowhere else in the world. It is noteworthy that on the island of EIL Malk, there are several similar lakes, the owners of which are jellyfish. The largest among them is the jellyfish Lake, the tourists are allowed to swim. The lake is home to two species of jellyfish – the “Golden” Mastigias papua and “moon” Aurelia aurita, also in the lake are represented by small populations of fish and crustaceans. Visit the jellyfish Lake, tourists are advised in the first half of the day, its main inhabitants are especially active at night and up to 14 hours a day.

Underground river Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. Фото

Length: 8 km.

The Philippine Islands are a real treasure trove of natural attractions, one of the most famous of them is located on the island of Palawan. Here in one of the caves, the underground river with the beautiful name Puerto Princesa, it is located near the town of the same name. The length of the river is about 8 km, it is also worth noting that the cave also is one of the largest in the world. It has several huge halls that show the amazing variety and beauty of stalactites and stalagmites.

Underground river Puerto Princesa Philippines underground river is located in a large national Park, which is also valuable rare species of flora and fauna. Despite the fact that the underground river is open to tours to visit its not as easy as it might seem at first glance. In recent years, the number of tourists on the island of Palawan has increased so that it became a threat to the conservation of the unique natural monument.

The island authorities were forced to introduce a limit on the number of people who can daily visit the cave, the day here does not allow for more than 900 people. Even with such a large flow of people to book the tour the tourists need a few weeks, all of those wishing to enjoy a boat ride along an underground river is very large. To book a tour you can try when booking the hotel, and it is best to choose for accommodation one of the hotels in Sabang. The thing is that guests of hotels Sabang enjoy special privileges, they should not expect to receive permission to tour for a few weeks.

A fantastic forest of Cantabria, Spain

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. Фото

Cantabria is a beautiful region of Spain, much of which is covered by dense forests. These forests have no equal in beauty in the world, they are more like illustrations for fairy tales. The main value of these forests are rare plants and flowers at certain times of the year to paint the landscape in all colors of the rainbow. In the forests of Cantabria inhabited by many rare animals, including some species of bears.

One of the main natural attractions of the region are the mountains of the Picos de Europa, the area around which is now declared a national nature reserve. On the slopes of these mountains grow forests of unparalleled beauty, here miraculously preserved hundreds of rare species of plants and flowers. Travelers that decide to visit one of the most picturesque regions of Spain, will offer a choice of a huge number of exciting Hiking and Cycling trails, it is very interesting to visit the forest of Cantabria and in the winter.

Another important feature of the protected sites is the abundance of unique archeological areas. In the mountains it was discovered several prehistoric caves with well-preserved rock paintings, the most famous is the cave of Altamira. The main part of the excursion programs focused primarily on nature lovers. They will have the opportunity to see the rare old trees, including Holm oak and birch is incredibly high. Some part of the forest is especially beautiful, the trees they form a natural arch. Especially interesting fantasy the forest of Cantabria in the spring and summer, when alternately blooming rare plants.

The valley of the Thousand and one tales, Turkey

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. Фото

In Turkey many wonderful natural attractions are concentrated in Cappadocia. It is a mountainous area, the main feature of which is the rocky formation of the most incredible shapes and sizes. Here you can see a huge stone tower with the “hats” reminiscent of mushrooms, and incredibly harmonious rocky formation resembling tents. Only in the Cappadocia there are several picturesque valleys with romantic names: the Valley of Love, Valley of the elves, Rose valley and the Valley of the Thousand and one nights.

The latter is one of the most interesting and visited, you can see hundreds of “stone tents” that are so reminiscent of illustrations of Oriental tales. The history of the formation of unique landscapes is very interesting, it originates more than 70 million years ago. In those days, the area of modern Cappadocia was completely flooded by lava erupting volcanoes. Subsequently, the volcanic rocks have cooled and hardened, they were very soft, so easily washed out and eroded.

For hundreds of years under the influence of wind, sun and water in Cappadocia formed the incredible beauty of the landscapes, admire that tourists come from all over the world. In addition to unique sculptures, on which millions of years of work nature, you can see some interesting ancient monasteries and churches, which were cut in the rocks. In Cappadocia there are suitable for sightseeing and Hiking, and for fans of extreme sports. The latter will love the opportunity to fly over the area in a hot air balloon and appreciate the scenery from a height.

The Rock Uluru, Australia

Самые красочные природные чудеса света: топ-10. Фото

In Australia, too, has natural attractions that deserve the attention of the most experienced and demanding travellers. Including the legendary rock of Uluru, which became world famous thanks to its bright orange color and an unusual oval shape. The rock was formed about 680 million years ago, sits amidst a vast desert in Central Australia. The rock is red Sandstone, which tends to change color depending on the time of day. If you look at the rock at dawn, it has a light orange tint, and by noon it becomes purplish red color.

A pioneer of the rocks is considered to be the English Explorer William Gosse, who first described it while traveling through the desert in 1873. For the locals the mountain is Uluru in ancient times was the object of worship, they believed that communication with the mountain gives the power to person. Tourists rock became popular from the mid-20th century, as many years ago, today it attracts mostly climbers. According to statistics, in recent years, the rock rises annually about half a million people.

It is also worth noting that mount Uluru is an important archaeological site. It has several caves, the study of which scientists have discovered fragments of the ancient rock paintings. Thousands of years ago the rock served as a safe haven for the natives, and the nearby source provided them a supply of fresh water. Currently one of the most unusual natural attractions in the world belongs to a local tribe ananga, whose representatives did not hinder the development of tourism in the region and passed a natural monument in the lease to the Australian authorities for a period of 99 years.

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